Wednesday, December 30, 2015

“humane advocate protectors” war on…

Over the last few months this blog has been focused on a convicted child molester with lifetime sex offender registration in the family friendly greyhound adoption community. Please don't think I have forgotten about all those “humane advocate protectors”. Perhaps you have noticed that in all this time the ones who claim to be the righteous ones regarding all things greyhounds have remained silent on the subject of a convicted child molester with lifetime sex offender registration running and organizing family friendly greyhound events and being involved with organizing and transporting greyhounds to adoption groups on the “humane advocate protectors” approved group listing. I know I've noticed.

Do you think the “humane advocate protectors” would remain silent if the convicted child molester with lifetime sex offender registration had been a racing supporter, involved with a pro-racing greyhound adoption group or in the racing industry? Nope. No doubt they would have hopped on the bandwagon to condemn the individual and attach a handy donation button to every war cry, expecting those highly prized donation dollars to come rolling in to bankroll the worldwide jaunts and expenditures. Is it possible that they feel that if the individual is not connected to racing and was convicted of abusing children and not greyhounds, it's no big whoop if a convicted child molester with lifetime sex offender registration is part of the family friendly greyhound adoption community?

Remember when a “humane advocate protector” board member made racist comments and rather than condemn the comments all the head profiteers could muster was a remark about "spoke stupidly"?

Many things worry me: untruths and manipulations by “humane advocate protectors”, a convicted child molester with lifetime sex offender registration running family friendly greyhound adoption community events, a convicted rapist running an adoption program that has potential adopters coming into his home, which recently mysteriously burned down but was rebuilt thanks to donation dollars from the adoption community. Maybe even donations from “humane advocate protectors”. Who can say? But I do know that in a letter to the editor article a “humane advocate protector" board member wrote:

 “Congratulations to all involved in (insert name of adoption group), Inc. for devoted and tireless work promoting greyhound adoption. Special kudos to (insert convicted rapist's name here) for extolling greyhounds’ virtues and for informing the public of their needs as they begin well-deserved better lives in loving homes.”

As the “humane advocate protector" board member was speaking on behalf of the hate based “humane advocate protector” organization, was this approval of the rape of a pregnant woman or “humane advocate protectors” viewing animal abuse as far more heinous than rape or molesting children or just another "spoke stupidly" blunder? Or could it be that the “humane advocate protectors” concerns for greyhounds stops as soon as the greyhounds are retired and that they could care less about anyone or anything regarding greyhound adoption? 

As we move forward to 2016, I will continue to ring the bell exposing the “humane advocate protectors”, the convicted child molester, the rapist and others in our community and the connections they have. I will hope that such individuals see the damage they are doing to the greyhound adoption community and willingly step away, proving at least that the care and safety of greyhounds truly come first. And I implore each and every one of you who care about the racing greyhound, the retired greyhound and the greyhound adoption community to make sure all legislature members know EXACTLY who they are talking to, who they are supporting and who they are accepting donations from.

In closing, may I wish a Happy New Year to all who continue to do the right thing for the greyhounds and do it for the right reasons and not a pat on the back or to win a popularity contest! You are truly the pure of heart.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Pooping On Others

Ever consider that the candidate you feel is an idiot may be the candidate a friend supports? Would you walk up to friend and call them an idiot? Would you post a picture of your friend with dog pooping on them to get a laugh?

While I’m not a Trump supporter I have friends who are, friends who are in the greyhound community. I would never put a picture out of one of my greyhounds pooping on them or something they believe in or support. (actually I would never circulate a photo of one of my greyhounds pooping or vomiting as I feel it's degrading to the breed I love and respect)

Remember – not all of us believe and support the same things. That is no reason to go pooping on the views or political choices of others. And if you are going to go pooping on others, don’t hide behind a dog - show yourself in the photo pooping on others.

Why is Washington so dysfunctional? Well maybe it is because DC is mirroring society as a whole. A society that seems ok with pooping on others!  Poop is not the answer. It just ends up stinking. If we want to enact change we need to stop pooping on others and reach out, working together and realizing we will not agree on everything, 

If we work together with respect each other we will rid ourselves of the stench that surrounds us and enact that much needed change.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

An open letter to the greyhound “suckers”

Dear supporters and defenders of a convicted child molester with lifetime sexual registration who declares their "job" as an event coordinator -

Did you know that the greyhound community has many members who themselves are victims of molestation? Did you know that many members of the greyhound community have family members and or friends who are victims of child molestation? Did you know supporting and defending a convicted child molester reflects not only on you but the group you represent and or your business? Did you realize by defending a convicted child molester you are smacking hundreds of volunteers, donors, adopters, and customers in the face?

The People of The United Methodist Church, overseers of a church site where a recent greyhound event was held, have the following statement about convicted child molesters on their website:

“Recent studies suggest a low likelihood that pedophiles can or will change. Without extensive professional treatment, virtually all child sexual offenders will re-offend. Repentance, prayer, and pastoral support, always in combination with lifelong professional treatment, can be crucial in helping to change behavior but, in themselves, offer slim hope of changing the behavior of perpetrators.”

For those of you who are defending a convicted child molester, did you know the greyhound community has several donors, adopters, volunteers and shoppers who have children? Can the supporters of a convicted child molester (and honestly, everyone knows who you are) beyond a shadow of doubt say that even if a convicted child molester is watched that they are not getting aroused when seeing the child or children of one of our donors, adopters, volunteers and shoppers?

Do you support a convicted child molester because they have asked you to “suck” it by giving you money or offering free perks at events or even sending you presents?  Who cannot find crimes against a child disgusting? Who would knowingly be socialize with a individual who  entered the room where a victim was sleeping, pulled her legs apart and rubbed their penis on the victim’s vaginal area. They then turned the victim over and did the same thing on the victim’s anal area and also inserted fingers in the victim’s vagina. A medical exam revealed a vaginal tear. The victim also indicated that the convicted child molester put “treats” on their penis and told the victim to suck it. Who would knowingly socialize with or welcome with open arms a convicted child molester at a family friendly greyhound event who did this to young girl(s) and very possibly still getting aroused when around young girls?

A convicted child molester has now ingratiated themselves in the greyhound community and wants you to “suck” it by defending him and saying no big deal or blaming others for this mess.

By your continued backing, embracing, idolization and happily taking the perks offered you are condoning and empowering a convicted molester with lifetime sexual registration. Are you proud of being viewed as a sucker?

The greyhound community as a whole needs to do the right thing and deny a convicted child molester the ability to have greyhound volunteers to “suck” it but more importantly the greyhound community needs to deny a convicted child molester the ability and opportunity to get aroused by the children in our community or in the host communities of greyhound events.

Contrary to what the supporters of a convicted child molester are spreading I’m not the one who started this. I am the one who a concerned and frightened individual came to and expressed outrage about a convicted child molester because they had done something that made this individual feel creepy and now scared. I promised this person I would assist in helping those wise enough to realize the harm a convicted child molester has done to children and the damage that will be done to the greyhound community if a convicted child molester is allowed to participate and have free reign at family friendly greyhound events so trying to paint me as a liar and gossip will not change my mind. 

What the greyhound community allows will continue. Your silence is your acceptance of a convicted child molester with lifetime sexual registration. It is up to you to ensure that he is not welcomed running or participating at any greyhound event or volunteering with any greyhound adoption program. 

That should be our promise to the victims and parents and children of the greyhound community.

Will you step up or just continue to be a “sucker”?

FYI - I've not forgotten about the "humane advocate protectors" and one should note they've been very silent on this issue - could it be they are also "sucker" - stay tuned.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Reflections on this Veterans Day…..

As we remember veterans today, I ask myself why I am who I am and what made me this way. I think back to all my shipmates from boot camp, A and C Schools at Corry Station and shipmates from Naval Security Group Sabana Seca, the world’s finest cruiser U.S.S Jouett (CG-29) and Naval Security Group Imperial Beach – each of you had an influence on my life. I not only thank you for service, I thank you for building me into the person I am today.

Thank you for being a shipmate and thank you for taking time from life to serve our country!

To all Veterans THANK YOU for service.


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Who Do You Trust?

Who Do You Trust?

Since August I and many others have been made aware that a convicted child molester with lifetime registration as a sex offender 
is masquerading as a greyhound supporter, using the dogs and other people’s money to build up support. This individual committed acts of first degree sexual assault, not one but 6 counts on a 5 year old girl and a 7 year old while out on bail. Apparently not even the State could trust this individual to keep to himself while out on bail - why should we? This individual "owns" greyhound events that are attended by families that often include children and grandchildren and these events are in towns and locations where children can be and are present. Records indicate that this individual claims to be associated with many adoption groups and organizations in various states in a variety of capacities. Are these adoption groups and organizations aware that many areas have laws against convicted child molesters volunteering for or with anything?

There are those in the greyhound adoption community who have cried foul regarding the fact that concerned attendees of a recent greyhound event as well as local residents contacted the "official" site of a recent greyhound event to question the liability and voice concerns about having a convicted child molester at a location with a nursery/child care center, a Safe Sanctuary designation and a children's skate park. Why is it frowned upon by some when legal counsel strongly advised calls of notification and concern be placed? Yet there are those in the greyhound community who did not make calls, yet receive communications of intimidation. Does the assault on women continue in a different form?

While a percentage of the greyhound adoption community continues to embrace a convicted child molester, I wonder if they would do the same if a convicted child molester with lifetime registration moved next door to them or a family member. Have any of these individuals who would vouch for the safety of any child in the vicinity of a convicted child molester attended a community seminar offered by the department of corrections which offers instructions and addresses concerns to residents when a sexual predator moves into an area? These community seminars advise that a convicted child molester never be trusted near or allowed in the vicinity of children. One thing the department of correction does not say is that a convicted child molester is safe and the crimes against children are negated because a convicted child molester does volunteer work with greyhounds. But color me stupid as I guess the sages of the greyhound world know far more than professionals who deal with rapists, pedophiles and child molestation every day.

For those who continue to support the actions and behavior of a convicted child molester do you also support the social media declarations of such an individual stating that they would not be attending a recent greyhound event yet they did indeed attend? Would this be considered a lie to most people or because this is said in the greyhound adoption community lies are acceptable because an individual is involved with greyhounds? Before you answer do you also know that they made a declaration asking if we really expected "me to not show up?" Why yes, we really did. Or are we to gather that this is one lie in a sea of questionable behavior directed at the greyhound adoption community? 

I saw a number of children at the recent greyhound event. Who among the supporters of a convicted child molester are willing to possibly sacrifice the innocence of another child? Why are those that know the truth and facts about this individual being directed/advised to tone it down, to ignore the risk, to forget the past crimes but perhaps most of all that those who embrace, support and look up to a convicted child molester in the greyhound community not understand that this individual be the one to step away for the greater good of the dogs that we love.

I and many others will not waiver because the safety of children is just as important to us as the safety of our greyhounds.

Saturday, September 26, 2015


A few days ago someone asked me why I was such good friends with a particular individual. I responded that the particular individual is a shipmate.

Shipmates understand that while we may not be close, we may not be best of friends, we understand that we are a brotherhood/sisterhood of individuals who have come together for a common purpose/goal. We understand that we will support each other, and if we must, take over and continue the mission. We have a bond that even our darkest enemies can’t break.

Shipmates know that it’s not about the individual; it’s about a team working together to accomplish the mission. Shipmates know that change of command will take place.  Shipmates know that if one person is holding the team back we must either work to bring them up to speed or cut them loose.

I struggle with knowing the greyhound community is willing to prop up an individual who committed first degree sexual assault crimes against two young girls.

Some in the community insist the individual has paid their debt to society. That term is hogwash. It only means the person served time in jail/prison. 
The two young girls, ages 5 and 7 at the time of the molestation, will always be victims until they draw their last breath. They will never be able to remove “victim” from their life. Their life has been forever damaged and the memories of being violated will never wash away. Should the perpetrator be allowed to wash their name clean of the label of “convicted child molester” when the victims will forever be haunted by the violations done to them?

It is time for the greyhound community to be a shipmate and cut loose those whose crimes will bring harm. It is time for the greyhound community to be a shipmate and stop placing those with a criminal past in positions of trust. It is time for the greyhound community to be a shipmate and no longer be enablers.

Perhaps it is time to reflect and ask yourself what type of misconduct was done and to whom that caused others in the greyhound community and outside the greyhound community to dig deeper into the past of an individual.

Perhaps it is time to reflect and ask yourself what you are willing to risk by swearing your support of a convicted child molester you honestly know nothing about.

Perhaps it is time to reflect and ask yourself is it right for an individual to use greyhounds as a prop to wash away their sins.

The only damage that will come to the greyhound community is damage from accepting and celebrating individuals such as this. The damage can be controlled by removing the sore from our community. Those that make the choice to stand by and with these individuals are enabling them to classify their crimes as irrelevant and render the innocent victims trivial and inconsequential.

To those young girls and to those who have received veiled threats or experienced misconduct and felt the need to dig a little deeper– I will be your shipmate!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Not often do I preach but when I do, I have a message.

Today’s message is about forgiveness. 

When God grants forgiveness to a person seeking redemption, that individual must first repent and then change their heart. A person may continually point out the good they have done, seeking to sway others of their "goodness" yet if a heart is still as dark as it was the day two little innocent children were molested, God has not forgiven.

When the facts are documented truth via court records as to the actions of an individual and those facts are flippantly dismissed as gossip and innuendo by the individual, is that not an indication that the individual is untroubled by their crimes?

Acts of charity should be from the heart and done so without expecting anything in return. Charity done to convince others that a heart is not dark and a litany of charity is put before the public by the individual to garner praise and acceptance is not charity done by a repentant heart.

It seems the “God card" has been played too often over the years by many trying to hide the truth, performing charity to convince the public of goodness yet knowing full well the work done was accomplished by the financial donations of others.

Just for the record, a particular convicted child molester not only molested one girl 6 times, he molested another little girl while out on bond. The charges? First-degree sexual assault where the molestation took place includes sexual contact or intercourse without consent by threat or use of a dangerous weapon or what the victim reasonably believes is a dangerous weapon: and sexual contact or intercourse aided or abetted by one or more persons using threat of force or violence.

Before you take it upon yourself to bless an individual or if you think God posts a list of those he has forgiven on a chat board that we can all reference back to, perhaps you should be wondering what physical and psychological damage the 5 and 7 year old children have had to survive due to someone you perceive to be so amazing, so wonderful, so unselfish.

I only have one question - Exactly what makes convicted child molester acceptable to you?

***Note of importance – Not a single person that I know of  has advocated the ending of, ripping apart of any event – what is advocated is the removal of a person who is convicted of first degree sexual assault on two young girls. No person of this caliber should be in a position of group or event leadership – positions that unknowing families with children may look up to and trust because of the position!***

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Does acceptance provide the next victim?

My passion is animals and in particular greyhounds. I care that all involved in the care and placement of racing and ex-racing greyhounds always do what is right and in the best interest of the greyhound. 

I am not a parent or grandparent however I am disgusted to the core by any acts of violence done to an innocent child. 

Any person who would prey on the most vulnerable is truly disturbed and many of you may feel the same way.  Any person that molests children, robbing them of their innocence, is not a person I wish to associate with either in my personal life or in the family oriented greyhound adoption community and many of you may feel the same way.

Did you know that convicted child molesters are not allowed to use Facebook? Now I'm sure someone who would sexually degrade an innocent child would no doubt change the name of their account or lock it down if they felt they might be exposed or perhaps have enablers make posts for them.  What if such an individual, a convicted child molester, was a part of the greyhound adoption community, perhaps being involved with national family friendly greyhound events that you, your greyhounds and your children or grandchildren attend? Do you feel this is an acceptable situation?

We need to not only do the right thing for our greyhounds but also for the children and grandchildren who will be the adopters of future generations of greyhounds.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Do we know us……………..

Years ago the greyhound adoption community adopted the home visit as a standard to learn about the home and family life first hand in order to ensure greyhounds were adopted into good, safe homes. In reality the concept of the home visit started because a group adopted dogs to a “home” only to find out later the “home” was not a home but was a bogus address.

As time has gone by, debate about adding additional checks (example: background check, financial check, etc.) to the home visit.

What have we done, or should do, to ensure the self-proclaimed hero’s, leaders, volunteers in our organizations are on the up & up? Do we do anything to ensure the individuals we give our dogs to are indeed the good individuals they say or perhaps we determine the quality of the individual by their Internet persona? 

Would you place a greyhound with an individual who has a history of using animals for dogfighting?

Is it wise to elect an individual in the position of group treasurer if they have been fired from jobs due to embezzlement?

Can someone with an unaddressed drinking problem truly be able to evaluate the personality of a greyhound?

Should a convicted child molester run meet and greets or have any participation in family friendly greyhound outings?

If individuals are drug tested as a requirement of their jobs, shouldn't those in the greyhound adoption community or non-profit advocates who receive a salary or draw a salary from donations also be drug tested?

Are there ways to improve the knowledge obtained prior to placing a greyhound with an individual?

Will new procedures be enacted to make sure group volunteers and leaders have no criminal backgrounds that would present a liability to a group or event?

How can you claim to truly know everyone you have never met that you friend in social media?

What risks are you willing to take with someone you do not know?

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Summer times here and that means we need to remind the “humane advocate protector/profiteers” to not use dogs as props in the heat!

I know - It's pretty sad that we have to remind the "humane advocate protector/profiteers"  who claim to be speaking for and protecting the greyhounds how to actually protect and  care for a greyhound!

“humane advocate protector/profiteers” Crazy From The Heat

“humane advocate protector/profiteers” Busted protesting at a pace that may kill?

Stop hiding – show us them TATs………..

Now that the greyhounds of TGP that some claimed to be missing have been proven beyond a shadow of doubt to be 100% accounted for and never once missing (except in the minds of those who accept lies as gospel)  – how about showing us them tattoos – requested over a month ago – you know to make sure that dog is not missing!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Be smart or be scammed

With the “humane advocate protectors” getting caught red handed in the last year with the truth about the past, and even more recently telling a big lie about a photo then altering it to hide the truth, you might wonder how can so many people be snookered into donating money when the lies are so obvious.

We all have received those poorly written e-mail scams and I know most of us see it for what it is – a scam. 

From working in the information security field, I find the answer is quite simple. Those performing the scam realize that a percentage of the thousands they target will fall for a heartstring tugging scam e-mail. The scammers also know they can spend less time by focusing on (aka suckering) the people who, for whatever reason, fail to understand that it is a scam and happily send in their donations. 

Scammers prey on those who do not realize the pleading e-mail will only benefit the scammer, much the same way the “humane advocate protectors/profiteers” need enough people who fail to see through the lies, fail to question their statements and continue to send them money.

The next time you plan on hitting that donate button to send money to the “humane advocate protectors/profiteers”, please realize they have no respect for you because they view you as being of value to them only because of the money you continue to send them and are amused at your continued gullibility at the malarkey they shovel your way.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Throwback Thursday – The “humane advocate profiteers”

Note –  If you are so inclined and feel you must donate to organizations that are out to destroy racing at any cost, may I suggest donating to an adoption program that states that they are anti-racing rather than making donations in any form to the “humane advocate protectors”. After all, it is better to give to a greyhound adoption group that shares your views about adoption and puts your donation to the cause it was given - the greyhounds. Be certain your donations truly assist greyhounds rather than organizations that use a lot of money on things that don’t actually contribute to the cause, unless the cause is for salaries and perks of the easy money “humane advocate protectors/profiteers" lifestyle.

"humane advocate profiteers/protectors" 1

"humane advocate profiteers/protectors" 1

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Adoption groups need funding - Yet "humane advocate protectors" provide themselves with hefty raises???

When "humane advocate protectors" profess that they are “fighting” for the greyhounds with pleas of send us money and donate now, one would think these “humane advocate protectors” would be good stewards of the donations and their accounts, now bursting with increased funds, would actually be used for their stated mission. Unfortunately the “humane advocate protectors" apparently use those increased donation dollars for a much more important mission ~ salary increases.

The "humane advocate protectors" mission to fight for the greyhounds seemed to require a 14.1% personal salary increase last year, in addition to an approximate 9.6% salary increase for others on the protector payroll. 

Now find out how much of a salary your local greyhound adoption group volunteers received last year. Will you be shocked to learn that the donations adoption group volunteers collect really do go to help greyhounds?

One can't help but wonder if the "humane advocate protectors" have ever really been about the greyhounds or if it is nothing more than hiding the past and providing a free and constant influx of cash.

Adoption groups need funding - Yet "humane advocate protectors" provide themselves with hefty raises - that is a dog gone shame!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Facts First................

The worst mistake of first contact, made throughout history by individuals on both sides of every new encounter, has been the unfortunate habit of making assumptions. It often proved fatal.

~David Brin

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Some thoughts on Truth

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. ~ Buddha

Some people think that the truth can be hidden with a little cover-up and decoration. But as time goes by, what is true is revealed, and what is fake fades away. ~ Ismail Haniyeh

All truths are easy to understand, once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. ~ Galileo

Truth is generally the best vindication against slander. ~ Abraham Lincoln

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Show us them TATs…………………

If I told a story about one of my ex-racing greyhounds, a story that pertained to its racing history, I would have no problem showing anyone my greyhound’s tattoos if they asked to see them. That’s what people with pride in their adopted ex-racing greyhounds do.  

We celebrate the history of our adopted greyhounds both past and present with truth. Now people with a lack of integrity will most likely hide information and truth in order to spin a greyhound’s history to their financial advantage.

Some like to play the "they are picking on me" game when they themselves perpetuate the picking, bullying and harassment. When questioned, they will not answer honestly, instead they resort to the “they are picking on me” diatribes and side-step providing the simple truth.

If a dog was truly an ex-racing greyhound and those who love greyhounds inquire about this dog, why is there a need to hide a dog’s identity, a dog’s history? Why deny this or any greyhound the right to be who it truly is and was?  What is the secret? What is the fear?  Are you afraid the truth negates your fairytale and will expose a long standing pattern of deception which will come out?

Now is your chance to prove those you claim are bullies are wrong.

SHOW US THEM TATS! And when you do show them, please be sure an independent person with no connections and nothing to gain or lose verifies this."they are picking on me"

Friday, May 22, 2015

Giddy Up....................

I’ve mentioned in the past that I like to get boots on the ground education. I find it much more reliable than listening to the “humane advocate protectors” with zero experience with greyhounds and horses. 

As I’ve been spending more time educating myself on horse racing, I finally broke down and bought myself a pair of boots for my visits to farms and tracks. From now on visits will truly be boots on the ground and hopefully all I will step on is the ground!

Last weakened I visited a farm where mares are breed and as far as your eye can see studs are roaming happily while mares with their foals were all over the place. First observation - like the greyhound world that I’m more intimately familiar with, I found people who love the work they do and love the animals they care for.

Not once did I see a horse of any age in fear of the human touch, unlike dogs in the chocking grasps of greyhound “humane advocate protectors”. The horses all looked to be in good shape and the horse farm like many of the greyhound farms I’ve visited nationwide – in great shape.

In the quest for the truth and exposing the lies you are force fed via the Internet – get git yer boots on and giddy up to learn the facts first hand! The real truth is out there and not hidden away, to be filtered to you by "human advocate protectors” who’s manipulated words are nothing more than smoke & mirrors designed to get donations to fund over the top expenses and pay salaries for top level hate mongers who continue to lie about the past and present and manufacture false images of people who love and care for animals.

Don't allow those who do not tell you the truth form your opinions or have controls over the laws of this land.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Never Mind Me….I’m pro………………………..

I'm amazed at the things people will get all worked up about. 
Did you see so and so speaking to so and so???!!!??? 
Did you see so and so walking around???!!!???
How dare so and so be here!!!

People who use their time pot stirring about things they don't know the full story about then blast their "facts" on the Internet may just be French models.

Why the need to yell when you don't have the facts? Why the need to worry what others might be doing or who they might be speaking with? Why the desire to be the greyhound event wrangler, keeping people separated? 
I always thought it was about the dogs. You remember the greyhounds, don't you?
The ex-racing dogs that you adopt and care for and hold close to your heart.

So there is no misrepresentation of the facts, while at a greyhound event this weekend I spoke with a whole bunch of people. People who love greyhounds, I dared to speak with people who love whippets, Italian greyhounds, Scottish deerhounds, Spanish galgos, Russian wolfhound, Chinese crested and yellow labs. I spoke with those of different political affiliations and religions. I spoke with people who live in other states and other countries.  And yes, I even spoke with those who feel differently about greyhound racing than I do. I spoke with individuals who I’ve had disagreements with in the past and even drew lines in the sand because of it.

Boy Howdy!! Call out the internet police!!!! 

In almost 20 years in the greyhound community I never realized that talking to someone is a bad thing. Is talking to others not how we enact change, how we meet in the middle and how we come to an understanding that we can all agree upon?

Well if I’m a bad person for speaking with others then I wear that badge with pride!

I’ve spoken about the sins of “humane advocate protectors” in the past, but since there are Internet talking heads who present themselves as so righteous, now might be a good time to remind those who consider themselves to be pro-racing that the pro-racing side needs to cleanse its ranks of those who advocate violence, slander & cyber bullying. When the pro-racing side has individuals trashing adoption group booths, looking to slash tires of people they do not agree with and dictating who can talk to whom then the pro-racing side is no better than the “humane advocate protectors".

What am I? 

I am and always will be pro-greyhound and will strive to do what I feel is best for the greyhounds. 
I will not stoop to the hissing and hooting of the Internet nor will I condone the actions of those who break the law.

Be not afraid to attend a greyhound event. Meet and speak to others. You may not agree with everyone you meet or everything you hear, but you will learn and grow. And hopefully you will always remember to do what is in your heart as well as your head regarding the ex-racing greyhound based on your own experiences and not be an Internet minion.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Caring for Those Who Truly Care for the Greyhounds….

Yesterday (April 9) a tornado struck in Rochelle, Illinois totally destroying the home of a greyhound volunteer/adopter and one who has cared for her dogs and cats for years. Not only was her home destroyed, she lost a few of her pets in the tragedy.

The life of this greyhound lover has been turned upside down.  While we can’t undo the damage that was done by this tornado, we can help with the rebuilding process. 

A GoFundMe account has been set up for Emily Dickow. Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated. 

As a friend of Emily said ~ "Emily helps so many people and animals. She has such a huge heart"

Thoughts and prayers with Emily and her family,


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Where Have All the Puppies Gone?


Where Have All the Puppies Gone?

The "humane advocate protectors" will tell you about how the racing industry kills greyhound puppies at an alarming rate, however what exact documentation have they presented to the public? Or do they know their followers will believe and never question what is put before them?

Playing the greyhound puppy card is always an easy way to get donations because who doesn't like puppies? 

"Humane advocate protectors" don't provide exact numbers or hard proof of their claims because they know a majority of the public believe and donate to without that proof, without asking questions, because that is what disciples do.

Looking at some numbers from 2010 it's not too difficult to see where the puppies are. Viewing several websites will provide an idea of the natural attrition of puppies 3 months and younger. There were estimates from as low as 17% to as high as 30% so I decided to err on the low side and used 22% as a natural attrition rate.

In 2010 there were 12,801 greyhound puppies whelped. If you take the natural attrition rate of 22% you would have 2816 pups that were either stillborn or died of natural causes before the age of 3 months which leave a total of 9,985. (To be clear, I have not done calculations on ALL dog breeds natural attrition and as it has not previously been presented to the public I think it is fair to say the "humane advocate protectors" have not researched all dog breeds natural attrition either so there is no documented evidence that greyhound puppy natural attrition is higher or lower than any other dog breed.)

We have a total of 9680 different pups that were born in 2010 that raced. These stats do not include the Pensacola track because we have not been able to locate Pensacola’s information for this blog. So the 9,680 number is actually a little higher, but we don't know by how much. (If this blog was written by a “humane advocate protector”, a bogus number would have been included).

The difference between 9,985 and 9,680 is 305.

That is 305 pups that didn't race.

Now that isn't the number of greyhound puppies that were killed between 3 months of age and racing age (which is about 18 months) - that is the number of puppies THAT DID NOT RACE. Huge difference.

So where are the puppies?

Looks like they are racing. And if they not racing probably snoozing on someone’s couch right now, as that 305 number includes dogs that schooled but failed to enter an official race but did enter an official adoption program!

Friday, March 6, 2015

A new adopted greyhound.

Something I’ve done time and time again, yet every time it is just as exciting.  We arrived home last Saturday a little after 9pm and turned him loose in the yard.  Introductions with the rest of the pack took another 30+ minutes then it's into the house. As expected a new boy has got to find his way around the house and makes a few attempts to claim (mark) things as his own. No worries dude however it is your new home and really no need to mark a thing! 

By the time new guy and rest of pack settled down it is fast approaching 3 a.m.  The new guy was wide awake and looking for fun and playtime. One thing greyhounds know is a schedule! If the kennels workers are up at 4:30 a.m., you know newly adopted greyhound is going to be up at 4:30 a.m. Who wants to play? Your greyhound does!!! 

You may wonder if it difficult taking a dog straight off the track and bringing him into a new home? Nope, not a problem at all! Granted this is my 27th adopted greyhound so I've seen all sorts of situations. Thank goodness for greyhound adoption groups as for the first time adopter an ex-racer coming from directly from the track into a forever home might be a bit of a handful.  Now you many have heard all sorts of rumors about a greyhound's life at the track. Like being refrigerator deprived. Indeed these dogs have NEVER seen their reflections in a shiny black finished refrigerator. When they see their reflection in it for the first time, a newly adopted greyhound will no doubt stare in wonder at the good looking dog looking back at them. It is quite sad they have been refrigerator reflection deprived as I'm sure every other dog breed on the face of the earth has been brought up looking at their refrigerator reflection since birth.

All kidding aside, racing greyhounds do receive care and attention from those who handle them from birth thru adoption day. The fact that they are not deprived is just one of the reasons the ex-racing greyhound can adapt to a loving pet so easily. 

But what I have never been able to figure out is why have every one of my adopted ex-racers jumped up onto my king size bed within an hour of arriving in my home when I have never seen a fully made king size bed in any of the racing kennels? Hummm...

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Trainers - they have a lot to offer.........And they have given up some of the greatest gifts!

Every time I look at my greyhounds I’m reminded of individuals many do not know. They are the ones that work long hours and spend loads of quality time with each greyhound in the kennel; they make our greyhounds what they are. 

Here is a blog from 2011

And a photo of myself and one special trainer

Friday, February 27, 2015

Oops……….I’m doing it again!

Since I will soon be adopting another greyhound and sharing his story of not a rescue but a story of love by not only his new family but his racing family I wanted to share this older blog……..

Friday, February 13, 2015


In 1997 a hate filled “humane advocate protector” had this to say about an individual -

"the 'National Animal Interest Alliance' is a national group. In fact, we could bring into discussion, how much do they pay you, Sue?" 

 Yet today when his and his wife’s total compensation is brought into discussion  he wants to hush the topic – why is that, just how much do they compensate you hate filled “humane advocate protectors”?

It should be noted that at the time, the "humane advocate protector" was making accusations against the wrong Sue - any wonder we question anything this hate monger says?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Time is long over due for a "humane advocate protector" to be suspended without pay!

NBC News suspended someone without pay for making a false statement………will the BOD of a very hateful “humane advocate protector” organization do the same? The leader was caught lying about a particular incident and we know it was a lie because court documents (which the person thought would never see the light of day) show the statements he/she has made to be a big lie!

I doubt the BOD will do anything as they have been hand picked to be nothing more than yes men/women, they have no control of paid staff and zero interest in the truth and want nothing more than the destruction of the greyhound breed.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Greyhound Pet of the Year Part II

Again thank you to everyone involved in the breeding, raising, training, caring for and the adoption effort of the racing greyhound.

The announcement of this year’s Greyhound Pet of the Year can be found here:

I’m really looking forward to next year’s contest, but before that……….Stay tuned to this blog and United Greyhound Racing for................

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Greyhound Pet of the Year................Part I

Sorry, no indication as to which greyhound will be named United Greyhound Racing's "Greyhound Pet of the Year" in their photo contest as that will be announced tomorrow. Right now just some interesting information about greyhounds.

All weekend I spent a great deal of time reviewing each photo and write-up submitted for Greyhound Pet of the Year. It is clear that each greyhound is dearly loved and I would like to thank each and every person who chose to adopt a greyhound because without you there would be no forever homes for ex-racing greyhounds. Each family is unique and placing the right greyhound into the right home takes an army of volunteers so I also want to thank the thousands of unpaid, dedicated volunteers who have dedicated their lives to greyhound adoption and will drop everything to help a greyhound in need.

We all know Greyhounds Make Great Pets...and if you don't know, yes they truly do! As someone who has spent a great deal of time learning as much as possible about the racing greyhound i
t is my opinion that ex-racing greyhounds are one of the best dog breeds a family could ever adopt. 


Because goodness breeds goodness, kindness breeds kindness just as hate breeds hate and greyhounds are surrounded with goodness and kindness. Each person from the breeder to the farm hands to the trainers, adoption volunteers and yes even the track personnel, has helped shape the racing greyhound to become a wonderful adoptable pet. It is my opinion that ex-racing greyhounds are one of the best dog breeds a family could ever adopt. 

Before tomorrow's announcement of the winner in UGR's Greyhound Pet of the Year photo contest, let us take a few moments to thank those who played a part in our dog’s lives before they arrived in our homes. For me personally, two ladies have played a part in just about every greyhound that I have adopted over the years. Genny and Donna, thank you for what you have allowed me to be a part of, thank you for taking the greatest care of the racing greyhounds you oversee and making them what they are – great athletes and then great pets.

Never forget that in order to keep the greyhound GREAT, we need to expose the “humane advocate protectors” who focus on generating hate. We need to remove them from having any part in the lives of our pets in order to keep racing and ex-racing greyhounds GREAT. We  do not need the greyhounds becoming a breed of hate, a breed of misinformation or worse yet a breed of pity and that is exactly what will happen if the “humane advocate protectors” dictate the care of the racing greyhound.

It has been a pleasure reading about each greyhound that was submitted and it has 
ruly been a pleasure knowing many great people have played a part in the lives of each greyhound.

Making the choice has not been easy as each greyhound submitted is a winner

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Time keeps on ticking……..

Another year has passed and not even a “I’m sorry” nor a “we will clean up our act and act appropriately” from the “humane advocate protectors”!

Greyhound Gate – published  June 2013