Thursday, April 30, 2015

Never Mind Me….I’m pro………………………..

I'm amazed at the things people will get all worked up about. 
Did you see so and so speaking to so and so???!!!??? 
Did you see so and so walking around???!!!???
How dare so and so be here!!!

People who use their time pot stirring about things they don't know the full story about then blast their "facts" on the Internet may just be French models.

Why the need to yell when you don't have the facts? Why the need to worry what others might be doing or who they might be speaking with? Why the desire to be the greyhound event wrangler, keeping people separated? 
I always thought it was about the dogs. You remember the greyhounds, don't you?
The ex-racing dogs that you adopt and care for and hold close to your heart.

So there is no misrepresentation of the facts, while at a greyhound event this weekend I spoke with a whole bunch of people. People who love greyhounds, I dared to speak with people who love whippets, Italian greyhounds, Scottish deerhounds, Spanish galgos, Russian wolfhound, Chinese crested and yellow labs. I spoke with those of different political affiliations and religions. I spoke with people who live in other states and other countries.  And yes, I even spoke with those who feel differently about greyhound racing than I do. I spoke with individuals who I’ve had disagreements with in the past and even drew lines in the sand because of it.

Boy Howdy!! Call out the internet police!!!! 

In almost 20 years in the greyhound community I never realized that talking to someone is a bad thing. Is talking to others not how we enact change, how we meet in the middle and how we come to an understanding that we can all agree upon?

Well if I’m a bad person for speaking with others then I wear that badge with pride!

I’ve spoken about the sins of “humane advocate protectors” in the past, but since there are Internet talking heads who present themselves as so righteous, now might be a good time to remind those who consider themselves to be pro-racing that the pro-racing side needs to cleanse its ranks of those who advocate violence, slander & cyber bullying. When the pro-racing side has individuals trashing adoption group booths, looking to slash tires of people they do not agree with and dictating who can talk to whom then the pro-racing side is no better than the “humane advocate protectors".

What am I? 

I am and always will be pro-greyhound and will strive to do what I feel is best for the greyhounds. 
I will not stoop to the hissing and hooting of the Internet nor will I condone the actions of those who break the law.

Be not afraid to attend a greyhound event. Meet and speak to others. You may not agree with everyone you meet or everything you hear, but you will learn and grow. And hopefully you will always remember to do what is in your heart as well as your head regarding the ex-racing greyhound based on your own experiences and not be an Internet minion.

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