Thursday, August 13, 2015

Does acceptance provide the next victim?

My passion is animals and in particular greyhounds. I care that all involved in the care and placement of racing and ex-racing greyhounds always do what is right and in the best interest of the greyhound. 

I am not a parent or grandparent however I am disgusted to the core by any acts of violence done to an innocent child. 

Any person who would prey on the most vulnerable is truly disturbed and many of you may feel the same way.  Any person that molests children, robbing them of their innocence, is not a person I wish to associate with either in my personal life or in the family oriented greyhound adoption community and many of you may feel the same way.

Did you know that convicted child molesters are not allowed to use Facebook? Now I'm sure someone who would sexually degrade an innocent child would no doubt change the name of their account or lock it down if they felt they might be exposed or perhaps have enablers make posts for them.  What if such an individual, a convicted child molester, was a part of the greyhound adoption community, perhaps being involved with national family friendly greyhound events that you, your greyhounds and your children or grandchildren attend? Do you feel this is an acceptable situation?

We need to not only do the right thing for our greyhounds but also for the children and grandchildren who will be the adopters of future generations of greyhounds.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Do we know us……………..

Years ago the greyhound adoption community adopted the home visit as a standard to learn about the home and family life first hand in order to ensure greyhounds were adopted into good, safe homes. In reality the concept of the home visit started because a group adopted dogs to a “home” only to find out later the “home” was not a home but was a bogus address.

As time has gone by, debate about adding additional checks (example: background check, financial check, etc.) to the home visit.

What have we done, or should do, to ensure the self-proclaimed hero’s, leaders, volunteers in our organizations are on the up & up? Do we do anything to ensure the individuals we give our dogs to are indeed the good individuals they say or perhaps we determine the quality of the individual by their Internet persona? 

Would you place a greyhound with an individual who has a history of using animals for dogfighting?

Is it wise to elect an individual in the position of group treasurer if they have been fired from jobs due to embezzlement?

Can someone with an unaddressed drinking problem truly be able to evaluate the personality of a greyhound?

Should a convicted child molester run meet and greets or have any participation in family friendly greyhound outings?

If individuals are drug tested as a requirement of their jobs, shouldn't those in the greyhound adoption community or non-profit advocates who receive a salary or draw a salary from donations also be drug tested?

Are there ways to improve the knowledge obtained prior to placing a greyhound with an individual?

Will new procedures be enacted to make sure group volunteers and leaders have no criminal backgrounds that would present a liability to a group or event?

How can you claim to truly know everyone you have never met that you friend in social media?

What risks are you willing to take with someone you do not know?

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Summer times here and that means we need to remind the “humane advocate protector/profiteers” to not use dogs as props in the heat!

I know - It's pretty sad that we have to remind the "humane advocate protector/profiteers"  who claim to be speaking for and protecting the greyhounds how to actually protect and  care for a greyhound!

“humane advocate protector/profiteers” Crazy From The Heat

“humane advocate protector/profiteers” Busted protesting at a pace that may kill?

Stop hiding – show us them TATs………..

Now that the greyhounds of TGP that some claimed to be missing have been proven beyond a shadow of doubt to be 100% accounted for and never once missing (except in the minds of those who accept lies as gospel)  – how about showing us them tattoos – requested over a month ago – you know to make sure that dog is not missing!