Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Crazy..............From the Heat?

Ready for a new nugget of wisdom from those who claim to be the "humane advocate protectors" of greyhounds?

Wow, even I was taken aback by this one.

A couple of weeks ago we saw photos of "protectors" of the racing greyhounds protesting with  their own pet greyhounds outdoors in the heat, risking heat related illnesses to their dogs in order to make sure you knew their mission of "protecting" greyhounds. After many social media outlets pointed out the foolishness of what they did, the errors of their ways seemed to suddenly dawn on them and protesters were told not to to bring pet greyhounds to the next outdoor, in the heat protest. 

If it had not been for those demanding accountability and transparency from the "humane advocate protectors", how long would they have kept risking the lives of their pet greyhounds?

Several days ago, a former board member of a national advocacy organization made this comment, which appears to lack the "humanity" they claim to possess...

“Maybe there will be a power outage at Tucson Greyhound Park which is 4th Ave @ 36th Street-then maybe the dogs wouldn’t have to run in 100+ heat…”

Does this person even care that an air conditioning/cooling unit needs to be operating in the greyhound kennels at the track – both in the racing and ADOPTION kennels?? Why would a “humane advocate protector” wish to risk the safety of ANY greyhound? Is their cause at any cost what is important to them?

We may never be able to change this harmful, hateful type of “advocate” type of thinking but we can demand accountability and transparency – before the advocate who posted the following comment on an advocacy organization’s social media page – “Hey XXX YOU SHOULD BE SHOT!!! – becomes the standard for being “humane advocate protector” of greyhounds.


  1. These people should think (if they have a brain) before they speak

  2. Why would the former board member include the address of the track in his air conditioning fantasy? Is he/she hoping someone will make it a reality?

  3. Some people are just not too bright. Shame on them. Can you imagine how badly the dogs would suffer in the kennels? Some people just make me want to scream. :) I think these people just don't have brains.