Friday, January 15, 2016

Less Drama - More Cold Hard Facts…….

We all know the “humane advocate protectors” like to make claims about injuries, cite accounted for greyhounds as missing, and even stories of removing greyhounds from track with their own hands yet they never ever follow up with any hard facts.

Many like to call them out as liars, yet when anyone connected to the racing industry could clearly expose the lies of the “humane advocate protectors” lying, there is silence. If we truly want the industry to survive, there should be no silence, no vague answers, no clamming up. If you have the cold hard facts, if you know the truth about something, if what you know will help a dog from being used as an anti-racing propaganda tool by the “humane advocate protectors” or ensure the safety of a greyhound or greyhounds and you can debunk the lies and end their charade, you need to step up and do the right thing.

When faced with the cold hard facts that cannot be disputed, the ongoing lies of the “humane advocate protectors” will crumble.

So when a “humane advocate protector” makes a claim about personally pulling a greyhound (or three) off a track, not only ask for further data but be ready to show that the “humane advocate protector” is not telling the truth with cold hard facts.