Thursday, February 6, 2014

What? What??!!


Apparently these “humane advocate protectors” follow the "do as we say, not what we do" policy. This makes one pause to wonder how many others do the same.

While they demand all individuals practice what they preach and ask for your donations, they have no regrets about killing animals.

Not long ago we learned that a "humane advocate protector” who is a co-founder of an anti-racing greyhound organization was involved in dog racing, and we also learned that friends of the “humane advocate protectors” are known to sell greyhounds for breeding and racing outside of the United States. 

What’s next?

Will we discover that a “humane advocate protector” claimed to be an animal rights activist on one hand while on the other hand allowed their beloved pet to stay in a bad home environment?

Impossible, you say.

The truth is stranger than fiction, I say.