Sunday, June 4, 2017

When Is Sexual Predator "Kid Friendly"?

Currently in the greyhound adoption community there is a convicted child molester who is required by law to register for life as a sex offender due to the nature and severity of his crimes against two innocent children. The crimes were committed in the state of Wisconsin when this individual was in their mid-to-late 30's.

When arrested the individual who committed these most heinous of acts was in a position of respect and authority employed as a teacher. Anyone who has studied the patterns of child molesters knows they often seek positions of authority and respect in order to groom and lure their victims. Do you know that an individual with the legal requirement of lifetime sex offender registration who now presents themselves as a “greyhound event coordinator” is perceived by some in the greyhound community as "ok" and who protect/embrace/promote the individual claiming “It’s all about the greyhounds”?

According to Wisconsin, an individual is required to register as a sex offender so that the public is furnished with information regarding the convicted sex offender’s whereabouts. Providing this information is a critical step towards encouraging the public to develop constructive plans to prepare themselves and their families.

The following photo was taken at a greyhound event, designated on Facebook as being "kid friendly". Was the family in this picture alerted and/or given information that a convicted child molester who has life time sex offender registration requirements would or could be in attendance thus allowing parents to be alert and to develop constructive plans to prepare themselves and their families about an individual who is known to the event organizers prior to the event?

From this day forward, I will always be in possession of flyers with information on this convicted child molester who has lifetime sex offender registration so that if this individual is at an event that I’m attending where families with minor children and woman are in attendance, I will notify the event organizers and leave it to them as to how they inform those attending the event. I will also inform all woman and families with children that I am familiar with who may be in attendance of this individuals presence by handing them informational flyers so they can take steps towards being alert and shielding themselves, even if that means requesting their registration fees back due to not being told of the risk prior to walking in the door. My intent is not to deny the individual right of way however the protection of any and all children attending family friendly greyhound events and all women who in any capacity would be fearful of being in close proximity to an individual with lifetime sex offender registration is of great importance.

If this individual, this convicted child molester, this lifetime sex offender registrant feels their past, their present and their crimes should remain secret and hidden away then this individual needs to stay away from any and all greyhound related activities where women and children are present.

It is not only or all about our greyhounds. It is also about the women and the children of our greyhound adoption community who deserve to enjoy a greyhound event that they have paid registration to attend without fear or emotional stress, especially when the individual is known to the event organizers or could be the event organizer. 

It should be noted that the individual’s attorneys were informed of this fact in 2016. It is not unusual for the individual to hire attorneys in an attempt to silence and discredit those who present the facts. Also in 2016, the individual’s attorneys were informed that if the individual does not attend any greyhound events where small children are involved, or attending with their parents, there would be no reason to call his criminal history to the attention of others who are unaware of it.

We live in a world where victimization of children is sadly commonplace and such assaults will forever alter the lives of innocent children. It is for that reason that the Congress and state legislatures around the county have implemented reporting laws so that people with small children can be extra cautious around those who have histories as sexual predators.

As the picture obviously shows, children are present at greyhound events.
Is it not time to say enough is enough and unwelcome/unembraced/unsupport a known individual who molested children and has been trying to silence anyone who expresses concern for the welfare and wellbeing of all in our community?

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