Friday, May 22, 2015

Giddy Up....................

I’ve mentioned in the past that I like to get boots on the ground education. I find it much more reliable than listening to the “humane advocate protectors” with zero experience with greyhounds and horses. 

As I’ve been spending more time educating myself on horse racing, I finally broke down and bought myself a pair of boots for my visits to farms and tracks. From now on visits will truly be boots on the ground and hopefully all I will step on is the ground!

Last weakened I visited a farm where mares are breed and as far as your eye can see studs are roaming happily while mares with their foals were all over the place. First observation - like the greyhound world that I’m more intimately familiar with, I found people who love the work they do and love the animals they care for.

Not once did I see a horse of any age in fear of the human touch, unlike dogs in the chocking grasps of greyhound “humane advocate protectors”. The horses all looked to be in good shape and the horse farm like many of the greyhound farms I’ve visited nationwide – in great shape.

In the quest for the truth and exposing the lies you are force fed via the Internet – get git yer boots on and giddy up to learn the facts first hand! The real truth is out there and not hidden away, to be filtered to you by "human advocate protectors” who’s manipulated words are nothing more than smoke & mirrors designed to get donations to fund over the top expenses and pay salaries for top level hate mongers who continue to lie about the past and present and manufacture false images of people who love and care for animals.

Don't allow those who do not tell you the truth form your opinions or have controls over the laws of this land.