Thursday, February 28, 2013

When Push Comes to Good

I never had any plans to have a greyhound puppy. For many years my personal opinion was that a seasoned ex-racer was much better than some little untrained wild landshark. 

While at my coffee shop one Saturday morning several years ago, one of the regulars, who knew I loved greyhounds, asked if I had seen the Pet of the Week in the local newspaper? There was a greyhound puppy featured!! Curiosity got the best of me and I drove down to the shelter to check this little fellow out. 

Sure enough – they had a greyhound puppy. 

The shelter was holding a raffle the next day for this white, rather gangley little greyhound puppy so I decided to return the next day to introduce myself the the winner and to let them
 know that our adoption program would be willing to help them out if they had any questions or needed assistance.

I arrived bright & early on Sunday to find a crowd of people already waiting for tickets. As they start handing out tickets I initially resisted. After all, I had no plans to ever have greyhound puppy. I had 5 grown seasoned ex-racers at home and was very content with the status quo. I began to think that maybe I should get a ticket. After all, the greyhound puppy needed a home and placement by a greyhound adoption group would be far better than winning this little fellow in a raffle. So...I reached for a ticket...only to be pushed out of the way by a very rude lady who informed me that she had been there first. Ok, no big deal. I took the next ticket, stuck it in my pocket and waited to speak to the winner.

The shelter volunteers called out the winning number but no one answered. They called out the number again and again no one came forward. They called it out the winning number for a third time. It dawned on me that I should check my ticket. 
(you can see what's coming, right?)
Boy howdy...I won a greyhound puppy!

As I'm filling out all the paperwork, I keep looking at this little white greyhound puppy in my lap. Ok, he's pretty darn cute. And I'd be able to give him a good home with 5 other greyhounds. Oh heck, how much trouble could he be? I left the shelter the proud new owner of a greyhound puppy. Before the drive home, I take the little guy out for a potty walk. We walk...and walk...and walk. Nothing.

So I’m thinking "no big deal" and we load up and head home. Me and my new greyhound puppy in my one week old brand new truck that still has that new vehicle smell.

Clueless new puppy owner puts puppy (who has not gone potty) on front seat of new truck. 
(you can see what's coming, right?)

Half way home my little greyhound puppy drops about a week's worth of poop on the front seat in my brand new truck.

So much for the new vehicle smell.

Once home I introduced the little fellow to his 5 new playmates and I could instantly see the joy in his eyes. He romped between all 5 of them not knowing where to stop. And my 5 greyhounds looked at me in unison with expressions on their faces as if to say, "Dude, the lady pushed you out of the way. You should have taken the hint."

My greyhund puppy was with me for 14 years. We were together for so many wonderful moments and long after I could no longer drape my puppy around my neck and shoulders and walk around with him, he would always be "my puppy". Harley holds a very special place in my heart and I cannot imagine not having him in my life.

The moral of my story? Sometimes you just need a little push to do something wonderful.
So do something wonderful and adopt a greyhound!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Avoid the Noise - Come Together!

A lesson for those of us involved in real honest and truthful Greyhound ADVOCACY – Maybe it is time to ignore the noise of those who are more interested in destruction of greyhounds than any resolution and stand together side-by-side for the greyhounds – Together we can engage in real, respectful, civil dialogue and continue sharing our love and respect for greyhounds regardless if they are currently racing or in an adopted home.