Friday, March 29, 2013

Those True Eyes - Part II

I had to see for myself, with my own eyes.
I had long heard how the greyhounds are "forced" to run. 
So in my quest for the truth I visited a track after first getting involved with greyhound adoption.

When I was younger I had a habit of getting up close and nose to nose with animals...even if they didn't want to know my nose. Once I wanted to get closer to a deer and the not too happy deer knocked little Rory on his butt. Another time I found myself scratched up quite badly after trying to say "hi" to a family of feral homeless cats living under an old church next door. In both cases I had to see and learn for myself. 

As I stood next to the fence at the track, I watched the handlers walk the greyhounds to the starting box, watched them load them in, and then watched the greyhound’s race.

Not once that night did I see any fear or distress or did they shy away at what they were doing.
What I saw was excitement and anticipation. The same look that I see when one of my adopted pet greyhounds run around the yard by themselves or with me (not that I can keep up with them!)

The attitude of a greyhound about to race has remained constant over the years at every track I’ve visited. It is the same eyes. The eyes don’t lie – but those who want your donations to pay their salaries, to travel around the world, to "educate" you sure seem to.

Go forth with a clear free mind and learn for yourself.

Reports, statistics and pictures can all be manipulated, especially if they are created with an agenda in mind and a donation button attached.

Always remember that you see with your own eyes is the only truth you can believe in.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Those True Eyes!

I have been privileged with the ability to visit greyhound farms, tracks & kennels all over this great land of ours. I've talked directly, eye to eye in person, with greyhound owners, trainers and track personnel. I have met greyhounds of all ages in various stages of their development ~ from birth thru adoption. And yes I have been with my own and others when it was time to say goodbye. 

I have made these trips at my own expense without the need to solicit funds from the public for my "greyhound education". I wanted to see with my own eyes and of my own free will.

Greyhounds never fail to make me smile. Sometimes they will smile back. And while I have seen thousands of happy dogs over the 18 years and counting of my greyhound journey, I have also met many happy people like the good, honest hardworking trainers who do indeed treat the greyhounds as their personal pets. People like Betty, Donna, John, Jenny, Buddy. Who's care not only benefits the greyhounds while they race but also prepares them to understand the love of a human when it is time for them to retire and jump on the couch of their new family.

The eyes tell the story and the story is that of love and passion. Why does everyone agree that greyhounds do indeed make wonderful pets? It is, in part, due to the dogs knowing and receiving love and passion from their trainers.

As always, do not blindly believe what I say or what some advocates write about. Find out for yourself. 

Go see the eyes, see the passion. 

See why so many of us feel that greyhounds are the best.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hitting a Nerve!

Years ago while consulting I needed a root canal and had to get it done while on the road. As they drilled and drilled I started to feel it, the dentist informed me that he would have to give me a shot directly into the nerve and that I would feel it.  Feel it I did…………….and today when the industry hits a nerve with a shot of truth it is wonderful to watch the reaction of those whose nerves have been hit!

Keep telling the truth - at some point our shots of truth will eliminate the pain that some bring upon the dogs!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Boy And His Dog

My first dog was named Cinnamon. She was my BFF from the time I was four years old.

Cinnamon would lay on the edge of the yard waiting for me to return from school every day. I always enjoyed getting out of school and rushing home to romp around the yard with my dog.

Just a boy and his dog, enjoying life and being together.

One day as I came home I could see the front yard was empty - no Cinnamon. I walked into the house expecting to be greeted by Cinnamon who was most likely napping but no Cinnamon. 

Where was my Cinnamon?

The news was broken to me - someone purposely drove 50 feet off the road and ran over Cinnamon who had been sleeping on the edge of our front yard waiting for me to return from school.

Why would someone purposely kill Cinnamon? 

What sort of person would deprive me of my dog?

Over the years I have come to believe that the individual(s) involved in killing Cinnamon had a heart full of hate, living a meaningless life void of honesty and integrity. I can only hope that over time the individual(s) have changed, for me and for Cinnamon any change came too late – this person's hate deprived a boy of his dog.

Several years ago I was driving home from work. What I was about to hear had such an impact on me I still remember exactly where I was - Grand Avenue and 19th. Rumors had spread that Tucson Greyhound Park might shut down. I was on the phone with a person in a nearby state that had high connections with an “advocacy” organization. When I mentioned that the adoption groups may not be able to get all the dogs, this person just blurted out, “Won’t that be fabulous!!"

“What?” I replied in total shock. "Dogs could die if the adoption groups cannot handle a huge influx of adoptable greyhounds"

And her cold, hard comeback was “But won’t that be fabulous – no more racing”. 

I replied “That is sick, dogs will die and you are happy to have dogs die to end racing?"

In my 18 years involved with greyhounds, I have come to the conclusion that some individuals hide behind the banners of “advocacy and protection” while their hearts are void of honesty and integrity. Their lives are consumed by their hatred of greyhound racing and will stoop to any level to end it...even if it puts the greyhounds they claim to "protect" and "speak for" at risk.

Care to join me as we do what we can to protect the greyhounds from those with hearts void of honesty and integrity and help protect the greyhounds from individuals who have hearts so full of hate that they will do anything to deprive a future boy (or girl) of his future dog?