Friday, March 29, 2013

Those True Eyes - Part II

I had to see for myself, with my own eyes.
I had long heard how the greyhounds are "forced" to run. 
So in my quest for the truth I visited a track after first getting involved with greyhound adoption.

When I was younger I had a habit of getting up close and nose to nose with animals...even if they didn't want to know my nose. Once I wanted to get closer to a deer and the not too happy deer knocked little Rory on his butt. Another time I found myself scratched up quite badly after trying to say "hi" to a family of feral homeless cats living under an old church next door. In both cases I had to see and learn for myself. 

As I stood next to the fence at the track, I watched the handlers walk the greyhounds to the starting box, watched them load them in, and then watched the greyhound’s race.

Not once that night did I see any fear or distress or did they shy away at what they were doing.
What I saw was excitement and anticipation. The same look that I see when one of my adopted pet greyhounds run around the yard by themselves or with me (not that I can keep up with them!)

The attitude of a greyhound about to race has remained constant over the years at every track I’ve visited. It is the same eyes. The eyes don’t lie – but those who want your donations to pay their salaries, to travel around the world, to "educate" you sure seem to.

Go forth with a clear free mind and learn for yourself.

Reports, statistics and pictures can all be manipulated, especially if they are created with an agenda in mind and a donation button attached.

Always remember that you see with your own eyes is the only truth you can believe in.

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