Friday, April 5, 2013

Let he who is without sin……………

Over the year’s individuals and organizations that have made a living and/or profit off the greyhounds by paying themselves salaries, granting benefits, using personal property as tax write-offs, etc. have been leading the crusade to end greyhound racing. They make claims of victories for the dogs in states they do not reside in, they demand data from anyone and everyone in any way associated with racing, yet keep their own books closed and smear anyone who asks for accountability regarding their empire.

They travel the world over preaching - do as I say...or else.

They claim to write and promote bills to “protect” greyhounds yet not a single bill they take credit for writing or promoting contains any accountability or protection clauses for the greyhounds once they no longer race.
It has come to the attention of the greyhound community that two greyhounds in Massachusetts have been put to death  by a group that is against greyhound racing.

If this had happened at a greyhound track, the public would be flooded with a “donation blitz" by the haters requesting funds to protest the needless loss of greyhound  life.

Two greyhound lives have been lost. Not while racing...but while these retired racing greyhounds waited and waited to find the right person to adopt them.

Yet the "protectors" and "the voices" remain silent. 

If this had happened at a track there would be demands for documents, accountability, for loss of jobs, for closing of businesses, for fines and jail time.

Yet the "protectors" and "the voices" remain silent.

"What is Question 3 -- The Greyhound Protection Act?
Question 3 phased out live dog racing in Massachusetts by 2010. Over 150,000 signatures were collected in an all volunteer effort in order to place the Greyhound Protection Act on the ballot.   

Why Is This Measure Important?
Dogs play an important role in our lives, and deserve to be protected from INDIVIDUALS and industries that would do them harm. Dog racing is cruel and inhumane. While at the racetrack, dogs are confined in small cages barely large enough for them to stand up or turn around for long hours each day."

Are the "protectors" and "the voices"  uninterested in protecting the greyhounds from Individuals who share their views on greyhound racing? Two deaths in their own back yard, yet they continue to travel out of state telling others to do as they demand.

Maybe it is time to stay home if this is how the greyhounds are "protected" in Massachusetts.

One hopes that those against greyhound racing will demand the same accountability from one of their supporters. Or will they pick and choose when a greyhound death is valid or invalid according to their needs.

It is time for them to take care of their own yard and when they are without sin, they may cast stones.

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  1. Thank you, Rory, this was -precisely- my perspective when I heard about High Roller & Yogi! As expected, the "defenders" have come out to say what a hard decision it was to put them down, how belittling it is to hold the group & person accountable due to all the dogs she placed in homes in the past, how long they held them in the kennel, yadda, yadda, yadda. All the while, they avoid addressing the elephant in the room, ie. ... isn't an adoption group supposed to keep the dogs SAFE until they can find a home so that they aren't in danger of being put down? Or, is that only true for the easy to place dogs or the pretty ones? Why didn't the group in question, under such infamous leadership, having had so many years experience, reach out to the dogs' original trainers or racing community and perhaps, give them back -- or were they afraid that the dogs WOULD BE EUTHANIZED??? Oh, that's right, it's okay if the ADOPTION GROUP DOES IT, but doG forbid if it EVER happens elsewhere! In this case, two dogs were euthanized that might have been able to be retrained or a trainer would have taken them, but they weren't given that chance because of what looks to be an EGO PROBLEM on the part of an individual with an anti-racing agenda.