Thursday, May 8, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Got Some 'Splainin' To Do...................

Anyone else realize that it has been 8 months since "Got Some 'Splanin' To Do" was first posted and not a single answer from the “humane advocate protectors”? Why are they afraid to explain themselves? Does the explanation do them more harm than good – could truthful explanations cut off the cash flow they so desire for personal use? If the truth hurts them, then are they then not the ones who are harmful to greyhounds and the true greyhound adoption, welfare and advocacy movement?

Click link below for "Got Some 'Splaining' To Do.................." posted Aug 2013

No the "humane advocate protectors" have not address the serious questions (after all telling the truth would expose them and cut off the cash flow) - but it has been brought to our attention that they now have another serious question to address:

And now they have to explain why their own, personal politician shot down the 3 point safety plan, and testified that the greyhound tracks were safe---after all these years of crying "cruelty!" "exploitation!", "abusive!"...could they sink any lower?

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


If you listen to the “humane advocate protectors” (aka the ones who are constantly collecting money and dolling out paychecks, travelling around the world, handing out awards, enjoying perks) you would think they have struck the death blow to greyhound racing in one particular state. 

If you are anti-greyhound racing and have surrendered your hard earned cash to the “humane advocate protectors” hopefully you realize it is most likely spent to fund personal hobby excursions, travel in style, wine & dine and keep files more extensive than the NSA on anyone and everyone. However you may be shocked to know they actively supported a bill that expands the ability of greyhound racing revenue stream. And now that the bill they supported which expands the ability of greyhound racing to make money the “humane advocate protectors” have now informed the world that this law must be removed. (insert donation button here???)

I’ve been crisscrossing the country the last few weeks (on my own dime) and have heard those in the inner circle of the “humane advocate protectors” admit that particular individuals are only in it for the paycheck and have done nothing to help the anti-greyhound racing movement.

Is it not time for change when the inner circle of the movement is questioning the motives of the "humane advocate protectors"? Time for those who truly are against greyhound racing to stop bankrolling the “humane advocate protectors” gravy train and find new leadership? If the liars have been exposed and they have, why keep supporting them? The time has come that you reclaim the donations and either give it to local greyhound adoption programs or just continue supporting those wasting money on salaries & lobbyists, generating paperwork, expense accounts and maintaining secret files.

Till that day, many in the greyhound industry would like to give a big thank you to the “humane advocate protectors” who helped support and pass legislation that expands the ability of greyhound racing to make money and to those of you who support them – THANK YOU. The greyhound racing community couldn’t have done it without you! 

Till that day, the “humane advocate protectors” will continue to seek donations to support laws one year so that they can seek more donations the following year in order to "work" to have those laws repealed.

Till that day the money you donate supports a political lobby organization that spends more on themselves and not greyhound adoption.

Till that day, what you allow will continue!