Friday, August 30, 2013

Got Some 'Splainin' To Do....................

Whenever I see those gnashing teeth, snarky emails, I have to smile. Could it be that the “humane advocate protectors” are angry that they are being questioned about things they want to sweep under the carpet and not address? 

Things like...why they profess to hate dog racing yet have a co-founder/friend/board member involved in dog racing and never willingly and openly make the donation giving public aware of it?

Or why they never attack the unregulated dog racing but attack with unrelenting viciousness against racing that is highly regulated? Is that because a co-founder/friend/board member enters dogs into and judges the unregulated type of dog racing?

Or why they have yet to denounce the racial comments made by a board member and distance themselves from this person...unless they agree with the comments?

Or why they have yet to explain why they claim to accept zero money from gambling and racing interests, yet various reports show they been partaking in the cash flow from these interests?

Why have they  yet to apologize for the deeds of an attorney who sent threatening letters to greyhound adoption programs...unless they feel attacking greyhound adoption is part of the mission?

Have they ever explained why they told volunteers and members not to work with a large greyhound adoption program, well again like above unless they feel that attacking greyhound adoption is part of the mission of greyhound “humane, advocate, protectors”?

Is anyone aware if they have chastised the actions of volunteers who put pet greyhounds at risk during protests...or are greyhounds just a means to a donation in the eyes of the greyhound “humane, advocate, protectors”?

And why did one “humane, advocate, protector” organization grant board membership to an individual who has been associated with a group with a leader selling greyhounds to overseas buyers for breeding and racing?

It sure seems like actions of the “humane, advocate, protectors” who claim to hate dog racing and care about the greyhounds, contradicts the stated mission and goal.

The reality is... they got some ‘splainin’ to do!

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