Sunday, June 30, 2013

Color Me "Perplexed"

What am I to think of  "humane advocate protectors" that preaches the evils of dog crates...excuse me, they insist on using the term "cages" - and now come across a photo being circulated via social media that indicates a "humane advocate protector", a greyhound and a "cage" (??!!?!?) - again, their term, not mine - in the "humane advocate protectors" office.

Perplexed comes to mind as well as hypocritical.

I do not crate my greyhounds, so in my house you will not find a crate. But let us, for sake of discussion, say that if I did use crates for my greyhounds you would expect to find crates in my house. I have never thought that a crate was a "cage". Many greyhound adoption programs suggest the use of crate to their adopters as well as use industry standard crates for ex-racing greyhounds awaiting forever homes. Point is, if someone uses a crate, you will find a crate in this person's possession. If "humane advocate protectors" vilify the use of crates you would not expect to come across photos of the "humane advocate protectors" office with a crate...excuse me..."cage" in it. 

Would you expect to see photos with what appears to be an industry crate with shredded paper in the possession of a "humane advocate protectors" office that has greyhound(s) there yet states:
“They are confined for long hours each day, with shredded paper or carpet remnants as bedding”

In the name of TRANSPARANCY, ACCOUNTABILITY AND INTEGRITY, I believe the public is owed a full and unvarnished explanation as to why they may have a crate in the office and how many hours a day are they possibly confining a greyhound in it and what exactly are the dimensions of this crate? Sorry I keep saying crate. The "humane advocate protectors" insist on calling it a "cage". Does that include when they themselves use them? 

So what’s next? Are we going to discover that a ”humane advocate protectors” founder/board member is involved in whippet racing………………?

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Boom, Boom! Out go the...oh wait, never mind...the lights are on.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the greyhound adoption community had the opportunity to be lectured via social media regarding kennels at a greyhound track:

Have you actually ever been at a track and been inside the kennels?
Did you know the kennels in Arizona are NOT air conditioned?
And the lights are off 24/7?
And they wear muzzles 24/7?
And they live in cramped urine soaked cages 24/7?

So being curious I set out to learn for myself rather than blindly accept the words of those who support and follow "humane advocate protectors".

I arrived at the Arizona track around 5:30 pm on a day when outdoor temperature, according to my vehicle, was approximately 110 degrees. I took off my shoes and stepped out on the track and went for a slow, measured walk. Not once did my feet feel any heat. I did feel the cool sand between my toes and was not uncomfortable and the pace of my barefoot walk allowed me to detect any inconsistencies in the track surface, I then walked over to the metal starting box. I found the starting box located in shade. I stuck my head inside and did not feel uncomfortable at all. I took my hands and felt along the walls and found it was not hot to the touch at all.

After observing a few races, I then went with several trainers to the kennels as they returned the dogs that just finished racing. Low and behold I found lights on in the kennels and as I walked around petting dogs I found not a single dog wearing a muzzle. As I gazed into the eyes of the dogs, which were happy, playful and showing absolutely no signs of heat distress, I noticed that I felt temperate and comfortable. Yes, there were fans on in the kennel but I walked outside and looked at the roof top and there it was...a metal box pumping cool air into the kennels.

And the entire time I was at the track and in all the kennels I walked into, not one had the smell of soaked urine, not one greyhound was soaked in its own urine or any other canine body secretion.   

Before you accept the incorrect statements of a "humane advocate protector", go forth on your own and learn the facts for yourself. You will find the facts are more truthful than a fake French model.

Friday, June 28, 2013


Several years ago an attorney for the "humane advocate protectors" made this comment “This is a Nixonion pattern of intimidation and harassment by the track owners.”

Since that comment, the "humane advocate protectors" have:

-  Circulated an email urging supporters to “refrain from interacting” with an adoption program.

-  Had an attorney send letters to various adoption programs threatening to "report" them to the IRS.

-  Called adoption leaders “Dog Killers

In recent months, “humane advocate protectors" and supporters:

-  Have taken images without permission from adoption groups which the groups use to raise money for adopting ex-racing greyhounds.

-  Circulated posted graphics that call greyhound adoption group members by name saying they are "animal abusers".

-  Attempted to damage the reputations of individuals in greyhound adoption and their abilities to find homes for ex-racing greyhounds.

-  Sent an email to a group indicating greyhound adoption provides an "opt out" and the "humane advocate protectors" are ready to use their resources and political connections against those who do not share their mission.

Now who exactly is showing a pattern of intimidation and harassment? When did the "humane advocate protectors" decide that attacks and threats to those involved in greyhound adoption were acceptable, encouraged and/or condoned? 

Demand the "humane advocate protectors" end the intimidation tactics they launch daily against anyone who disagrees with them. It is time for the self-anointed leaders of the humane advocate protectors" to take action and end the reign of terror against any and all involved in the adoption of ex-racing greyhounds into loving homes.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Truth or Dare

I dare those dating the French models to prove what they say to be true. No strike that - I double dog dare yah!

Lots of "truths" being tossed around by the "humane advocate protectors" are long on propaganda and short on fact. Think about you really think someone sat in a track kennel for seven straight days of 24 hours each to back up a statement like the lights are off 24/7?? 

But if you do happen to find this person, can you let me know.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Little Things Do Mean A Lot - Pistol the Mamma Dog............

Last week my wife and I said good-bye to our mamadog Pistol. First, I would like to share with you the tribute my wife wrote about Pistol.

Dear Pistol ~
How did a teeny-weeny monster tomboy mamadog who was so supercharged on a leash I needed both hands to hold on turn out to be the gentle mama to all of us at The Grey Lodge? You ran like crazy, jumped, barked, whined, "talked", put your toes in the water dish and flew thru the air with the greatest of ease as you lept across the floor and onto the bed before breakfast and dinner and anytime I even thought about sleeping past 5:30 a.m. But most of all you helped me thru the best of times and the worst of times. You licked away my tears and you chattered in my ear as we shared our secrets. When you put your head on my shoulder and snuggled your nose into my neck, I cuddled your soft as velvet fur and knew that our world was a good and happy place.

You were made of so much good stuff ~ from your puppy ears, to your forever young face, to the "white spats" on your toes, to your joie de vivre to your pure & kind heart ~ that when we met Dove & Crystal and saw so much of you in them we knew that if we ever found another of your puppies, they would join the tribe. Of course Olga is nothing like you, but deep down she has your heart and she has your soul and she is very special. You were a good mamadog.

This was not the day we wanted to say goodbye. In truth, no day would have been the right day yet life has a way of changing things. Some things just have to be. The day's joy is now mingled with sadness but they are just dates and dates do not make up a beautiful life. Today will forever be Pistol Day and you will be remembered with joy. You and your beige bunny romp with the Better Angels of our tribe and Winston & Buggle. You keep a close watch over Harley (he loved you lots) and do your best to to get Nutmeg to play (but she will just look at you like you're silly) and give Sharon a kiss.

Pistol. Pistolina. Teeny Weeny Pistoliny. Pissy (how I swore I would NEVER call you that). Our time with you was a blessing. You are forever loved.

7.14.2002 ~ 6.14.2013 
In May of this year, I along with a friend of the greyhounds, purchased several Mother Bunnies for The Greyhound Inmate Experience. Yesterday I received a touching 4 page thank you card from the program. Without a shadow of a doubt, the inmates and dogs love the bunnies. One note on the thank you card read in part - “I pray that you feel the joy of these dogs” - and as I wipe the tears from my eyes, trust me, I feel the joy every day.

I’m happy to announce in Pistol’s memory, the inmates and greyhounds will be getting another "litter" of Mother Bunny bunnies, which was her favorite toy. I feel that The Greyhound Inmate Experience (as well as other similar programs) help so many - greyhounds, inmates, adoption groups and future greyhound adopters - in so many ways. The addition of a cuddly bunny stuffed toy to a greyhound-inmate team is just a small kindness to those who play a part in a racing greyhound's journey to retirement.

If you would like to help honor Pistol's memory with a Mother Bunny bunny and contribute to the Pistol Bunny Fund.please contact: 

The Greyhound Inmate Experience
PO Box 75
Dearborn, Michigan 48121

Together we can make a difference in the lives of greyhounds and our fellow man.

I miss you my sweet mamadog Pistol


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Crazy..............From the Heat?

Ready for a new nugget of wisdom from those who claim to be the "humane advocate protectors" of greyhounds?

Wow, even I was taken aback by this one.

A couple of weeks ago we saw photos of "protectors" of the racing greyhounds protesting with  their own pet greyhounds outdoors in the heat, risking heat related illnesses to their dogs in order to make sure you knew their mission of "protecting" greyhounds. After many social media outlets pointed out the foolishness of what they did, the errors of their ways seemed to suddenly dawn on them and protesters were told not to to bring pet greyhounds to the next outdoor, in the heat protest. 

If it had not been for those demanding accountability and transparency from the "humane advocate protectors", how long would they have kept risking the lives of their pet greyhounds?

Several days ago, a former board member of a national advocacy organization made this comment, which appears to lack the "humanity" they claim to possess...

“Maybe there will be a power outage at Tucson Greyhound Park which is 4th Ave @ 36th Street-then maybe the dogs wouldn’t have to run in 100+ heat…”

Does this person even care that an air conditioning/cooling unit needs to be operating in the greyhound kennels at the track – both in the racing and ADOPTION kennels?? Why would a “humane advocate protector” wish to risk the safety of ANY greyhound? Is their cause at any cost what is important to them?

We may never be able to change this harmful, hateful type of “advocate” type of thinking but we can demand accountability and transparency – before the advocate who posted the following comment on an advocacy organization’s social media page – “Hey XXX YOU SHOULD BE SHOT!!! – becomes the standard for being “humane advocate protector” of greyhounds.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nature Takes It's Course?…..........

Pistol has been the mamadog in our family for 4 years. We originally got her a leopard print Mother Bunny to match her collar. We noticed that she didn't play with her bunny or those of the other pups but Pistol would gather all the Mother Bunnys up and put them under our dining room table. We are now up to about 20 Mother Bunny bunnies ~ all kept safe and sound under the dining room table "den" and watched over by Pistol. If anyone takes a bunny from out of the den, Pistol will promptly gather up thewayward bunny and bring it back to her den.

Two years ago we adopted Olga, who is Pistol’s daughter from her first litter.  Last night after we had returned from Pistol's vet visit, Olga suddenly became very active and began playing with and gathering up her mom’s bunnies. It is as if she knows her time of being the pack jester is nearing the end and it will soon be time for her to step into her mom's shoes as the pack Mama.

I have always believed one of the reasons ex-racing greyhounds are the best is due in part to the time they spend with mama and siblings at the farm. Once Olga settled in to her retirement routine, she again began watching and learning to do many things her mama Pistol did rather than follow the male dogs of the family.
As our pack begins a period of natural transition, I wonder if Olga is about to become even a better dog due to her time with her mama the last few years? I guess the Mother Bunny bunnies will be the first to know.

As I had mentioned in previous blog entry about Pistol – I ask that if you have the ability to do so, buy a Mother Bunny from GreyHounds of Eastern Michigan store and give it to a friend who has a senior greyhound.

For Bunnies please contact or

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pistol - Our Mother Bunny..................

Today my wife and I learned our mamadog Pistol has a fast growing tumor in her shoulder/upper leg. She is our mamadog not only because she is the bio-mom of our Olga but Pistol also had two litters of puppies, several of whom have been adopted through groups we have contact with. 

For the last two years I have had the pleasure of attending The GEM Event of Michigan and have purchased Mother Bunny bunnies for the seniors in attendance because Pistol loves her bunnies and collects them all up and keeps them in her den aka under our dining room table.

I know in the very near future we will have to say goodbye to Pistol but she will always be in our hearts.
I ask that you make Pistol a part of your heart and purchase a Mother Bunny bunny from the GreytHounds of Eastern Michigan store and give it to a friend who has a senior greyhound.

****For those who have asked about how to get the bunnies from the GEM store - please contact:

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Busted…….Protesting at a pace that MAY kill………….

Update – A branch of the angry protesters admit they did the dogs wrong.

In a new posting for an upcoming protest, they reminded the angry few to not bring dogs due to heat. Now if it had not been for many people coming together and demanding accountability, transparency and safety for the dogs, who knows how long these angry protesters would have kept abusing the dogs.

Isn’t it ironic that the angry few who claim to be “protectors” and “voices” of the racing greyhound seem to know nothing about the breed or proper care or what it takes to be a responsible dog owner?

Keep demanding accountability and transparency out of those who continue the hate followed up with a donate button that pays their salary.

Item 51
Watch the Heat

“Dogs can succumb to heat stress in a matter of minutes. Do not leave your dog in the car when the temperature is high. When your dog is outside, he should have a shady place to lay down and plenty of fresh, cool water.”

Until these angry few can demonstrate they are responsible, maybe they should step away from protesting and educate themselves on the breed and what it takes to be a responsible dog owner! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Sun Never Goes Down..............

As I flew back to my consulting gig on Sunday evening the flight path took me directly over El Paso, Texas. I was able to look down over Juarez, Mexico and many memories of the effort to bring the Juarez greyhounds came rushing into my mind.

One particular individual went above and beyond to ensure every greyhound was returned home to the United States. During her many trips to Juarez, one big white greyhound did his best to get her attention every time she came into the kennel and kept rooing until she came over to see him. Needless to say, this volunteer adopted the white greyhound as her own.

I was deeply saddened to learn that on Monday, Pat had to say goodbye to her Gus. 
Run free Gus. You will never be forgotten and the sun will never go down on your memory.


ps...I would like to add that all the greyhounds that Pat & I met in Juarez will always hold a special place in our hearts. If you adopted one of the Juarez greyhounds I would sincerely enjoy hearing from you and about your greyhound...and I know Pat would too.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Protesters Gone Bad!

With my local temperatures reaching close to 110 degrees this week, I am reminded of an incident several years ago in Miami where a group of angry individuals chose to hold a protest outside of the hotel where the World Greyhound Racing meeting was held. It was a warm, humid day and these angry individuals had greyhounds with them. I watched as these protesters kept the greyhounds out in the heat and excessive humidity, forcing them to stand on the concrete pavement without allowing breaks in shade or water yet there in the shade drinking an iced beverage sat the person who ran the adoption program and organized this particular protest.

It was not until I called the police that these protesters finally took the dogs into shade and gave them water and a break.

Pictures of a recent protest by another group of angry individuals with greyhounds again show these individuals are willing to put dogs at risk for their own hate. It appears that no matter what the weather conditions are, their "cause" outweighs the dogs they claim to "protect".

So for you angry few who insist on using greyhounds as props during your protests, here is information to help the dogs you are abusing during protests:

It is time for all of us who love greyhounds to demand ACCOUNTABILITY, TRANSPARENCY of these organizations who are protesting greyhound racing – a start would be to demand the policy and procedures they use to ensure the safety of the greyhounds they use as props!