Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Sun Never Goes Down..............

As I flew back to my consulting gig on Sunday evening the flight path took me directly over El Paso, Texas. I was able to look down over Juarez, Mexico and many memories of the effort to bring the Juarez greyhounds came rushing into my mind.

One particular individual went above and beyond to ensure every greyhound was returned home to the United States. During her many trips to Juarez, one big white greyhound did his best to get her attention every time she came into the kennel and kept rooing until she came over to see him. Needless to say, this volunteer adopted the white greyhound as her own.

I was deeply saddened to learn that on Monday, Pat had to say goodbye to her Gus. 
Run free Gus. You will never be forgotten and the sun will never go down on your memory.


ps...I would like to add that all the greyhounds that Pat & I met in Juarez will always hold a special place in our hearts. If you adopted one of the Juarez greyhounds I would sincerely enjoy hearing from you and about your greyhound...and I know Pat would too.

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  1. Rory, thank you. I remember us standing at the fence during turn out, we always seemed to manage to stand closer to the boys side. I leaned over to you and said...See that big white one? He's going to me MINE. If I remember right, a few minutes later you ask me about the brindle boy that always seemed to manage to hang out right where we would stand. I think I said something like He's a bit of a clown, but a good boy, never caused any trouble.....never taking your eyes off of said, He's mine. I still shutter every time I think what all those Greyhounds went through, but we all came out on the other side. We both got our Juarez boys. Bobo has the best mom & dad he could have ever wished for. I'm sure at some point the tears will slow, but for now..........................