Sunday, June 30, 2013

Color Me "Perplexed"

What am I to think of  "humane advocate protectors" that preaches the evils of dog crates...excuse me, they insist on using the term "cages" - and now come across a photo being circulated via social media that indicates a "humane advocate protector", a greyhound and a "cage" (??!!?!?) - again, their term, not mine - in the "humane advocate protectors" office.

Perplexed comes to mind as well as hypocritical.

I do not crate my greyhounds, so in my house you will not find a crate. But let us, for sake of discussion, say that if I did use crates for my greyhounds you would expect to find crates in my house. I have never thought that a crate was a "cage". Many greyhound adoption programs suggest the use of crate to their adopters as well as use industry standard crates for ex-racing greyhounds awaiting forever homes. Point is, if someone uses a crate, you will find a crate in this person's possession. If "humane advocate protectors" vilify the use of crates you would not expect to come across photos of the "humane advocate protectors" office with a crate...excuse me..."cage" in it. 

Would you expect to see photos with what appears to be an industry crate with shredded paper in the possession of a "humane advocate protectors" office that has greyhound(s) there yet states:
“They are confined for long hours each day, with shredded paper or carpet remnants as bedding”

In the name of TRANSPARANCY, ACCOUNTABILITY AND INTEGRITY, I believe the public is owed a full and unvarnished explanation as to why they may have a crate in the office and how many hours a day are they possibly confining a greyhound in it and what exactly are the dimensions of this crate? Sorry I keep saying crate. The "humane advocate protectors" insist on calling it a "cage". Does that include when they themselves use them? 

So what’s next? Are we going to discover that a ”humane advocate protectors” founder/board member is involved in whippet racing………………?


  1. Crate-cages ;) are great tools especially for first time adopters. We used one for our first greyhound. He was a very quiet boy and would retreat to the cozy sanctum of his "cage" when activity in the house was too high for his liking. Although we don't currently have crates in our house our greyhounds often look for a "close-quarters" place to chill out, like in a closet or in a corner behind a chair. If we had the room we'd probably still have crates available for them.

  2. We always called it the "box" The door was always open. Our first girl loved her box. Now that she is gone the box is put away. Recently it was up again but for a peahen ICU.