Friday, April 15, 2016

"Duh" moment #2 (of many) from the "humane advocate protectors"

Greyhounds Whippets are love……….

Today is the second of what is sure to be a continuing series that shows “humane advocate protectors”, self-proclaimed experts on greyhounds, are in fact not that savvy when it comes to greyhounds.

While stating to be “the largest greyhound protection organization” one would hope anyone making such a declaration would be able to tell the difference between greyhounds and whippets.

Apparently this is not the case. Recently seen on a “humane advocate protectors” social media offering:

It is becoming obvious that the “humane advocate protector” principals of this organization who supposedly have years of experience with greyhounds just aren’t understanding the breed they claim expertise on.

For those interested in seeing how 2 female greyhound weighing 50 pounds and 54 pounds fit on a 35” x 40” dog bed, I offer the following photo:

If “humane advocate protectors” who continue to herald themselves as experts on greyhounds do not even know the difference between a whippet and a greyhound 
(or even a male and female greyhound for that matter), one has to wonder what other “facts” trumpeted by these “humane advocate protectors” are nothing more than fiction.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Another "duh" moment from the ones who claim to know all about greyhounds.......

For years I’ve been preaching that the “humane advocate protectors” can’t be trusted. Well now I offer you proof that while they claim to be "all knowing" about greyhounds, to date, they can’t tell the difference between a male and female greyhound!

Hey “humane advocate protectors” I would be more than happy to offer you some instruction on how to tell the difference between a male greyhound and female greyhound so you don’t look so foolish saying a he is a she in the future!

Guessing the new board members just not bringing the "greyhound" experience they thought they would bring!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Before You Hit The "Enter" Key.....

It seems that when a concerned person in the greyhound community posted a valid review of a greyhound event on social media, a supporter of a convicted child molester with lifetime registration came forward with guns blazing. It appears this child molester supporter does not care that the individual may still have issues or exhibit the nuances of child molesters:

Below is the review that inflamed a supporter of a convicted child molester with lifetime registration, which is quite accurate, especially for those who had children at and near the event:

It is astounding that this apparent supporter of a convicted child molester with lifetime registration, who is also a vendor at many of the family friendly greyhound community event feels the need to so vocally come to the aid of a convicted child molester who has lifetime sex offender registration. What the vendor/supporter fails to address is that if it had not been for concerned people alerting the church (which was the host site of this particular greyhound event) that it was being run by a convicted child molester who has lifetime sex offender registration, no police officers would have been onsite. The convicted child molester who has lifetime sex offender registration would have been able to stroll freely around the church and grounds which not only is designated as a safe sanctuary but has a daycare center on-site not to mention the children who attended the event with family members, adults. I would imagine the town where the family friendly greyhound event was held may also be home to at least one or two children under the age of ten years of age, but I could be mistaken.

The vendor/supporter of the convicted child molester who has lifetime sex offender registration amps up….

Does this vendor/supporter have proof that no other children have ever been molested by a convicted child molester with lifetime sex offender registration? Can it be said beyond a shadow of doubt that the two children, ages 5 and 7, were the only ones? All that can be said is that they are the only ones that the convicted child molester with lifetime sex offender registration was prosecuted and served time for and now has lifetime sex offender registration because of.

Then the vendor/supporter makes his lowest comment…

The vendor/supporter accuses a person who made a valid review of a family friendly greyhound event of having a relation who is “an offender” yet offers no proof or issues no retraction of a false statement. (Wonder if the vendor/supporter remembers his own comment about defamation) 

Some people don’t realize how foolish they make themselves look on social media when giving support for a convicted child molester who has lifetime sex offender registration to individuals they do not know. Sadly far too many people know exactly how innocent lives can be destroyed by the hands of a child molester. This vendor/supporter is apparently oblivious to the possibility that innocent lives forever changed by child molesters may be part of the greyhound community.

It is becoming clear that rather than step away, a convicted child molester who has lifetime sex offender registration continues to get support on the internet, with the aid of mouthpieces if necessary, not only to maintain a position but also to damage to the reputation of a long standing family friendly event and such actions continue to cast aspersions on the greyhound adoption community. 

Allowing a convicted child molester who has lifetime sex offender registration to intimidate those who do not support him is as unacceptable as the sexual molestation and intimidation that was used on two innocent children. Before supporters jump on the bandwagon of a convicted child molester who has lifetime sex offender registration and attempt to intimidate strangers, perhaps the supporters should stop and think if the strangers they are insulting have firsthand knowledge of the damage a child molester can do. 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

April is Greyhound Adoption Month and Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Those of us in the greyhound community know that April is Greyhound Adoption Month, but many may not realize April is also Child Abuse Prevention Month (in addition to Sexual Assault Awareness Month).

Wouldn’t it be nice if along with showcasing our greyhounds we also stood up and rid our greyhound community of a convicted child molester with lifetime sex offender registration that lurks amongst us?

This individual who is looked upon by some as a person of importance and influence was arrested for molesting children ages 5 and 7, making them eat candy off his penis and doing things that caused vaginal bleeding.

The individual who did this to innocent children now calls the crimes rumor and innuendo in an effort to continue to run family friendly greyhound events. Many know the truth and have vowed never to attend any event he runs/charges registration fees for. It astounds me that the individual has supporters who parrot the lies. Is it for the donations and perks the individual offers the supporters? Do the supporters see nothing wrong with a convicted child molester with lifetime sex offender registration in close proximity to children?

I feel the time has come for all events to state if they are associated with or have zero association with the individual and if the the individual will or will not be at the event festivities. Why does a faction of the greyhound community turn a blind eye? Sadly, often time’s society fails to support the survivors and instead defend the abusers and minimize their actions.

I would hope that during this month the greyhound community stands up and demand that the actions of this individual are no longer trivialized or justified and insist the individual step away from greyhound related activities. We need to show those in our community, potential adopters and the towns that welcome greyhound events and attendees that we do not condone such actions against children and will do what is needed to provide safe, friendly events for our greyhound community.

The following excerpt is from “Predators: Pedophiles, Rapists, & Other Sex Offenders” by Anna Salter Ph.D. from interviews with convicted molesters & rapists on how predators groom a family:

When a person like myself wants to obtain access to a child, you don’t just go up and get the child and sexually molest the child. There’s a process of obtaining the child’s friendship and, in my case also obtaining the family’s friendship and their trust. When you get their trust, that’s when the child becomes vulnerable and you can molest the child…”

Think about this - a person claims to be donating money & time to greyhound adoption, galgo adoption, dog hauls and running family friendly greyhound events could be someone that many would easily fall prey to because many falsely equate working with greyhounds as a saintly calling and could view an individual as important, as trustworthy, as a good person then...bam...the unthinkable could happen.

As we take the month of April to showcase the joy of greyhound adoption let us also show solidarity against child abuse. Let’s say goodbye to the one who is trying so desperately to build up trust with our families but is not facing the truth.