Thursday, October 3, 2019

Damn Shame...

Many of us got into greyhound adoption not for the cause or personal gratification but merely for the fact that greyhounds brought joy into our hearts. We enjoy them as pets, we enjoy them as sprinters in our yards, we enjoy them at coursing meets and we enjoy them for a thousand more reasons.

But it is a sad day when those who claim to be supporting animals that work and claim to be all about the dogs are the ones who now are sucking the enjoyment out of anything greyhound.

Sad day that we now have groups forced to give greyhounds a cover name when they come into programs to avoid the harassment from those who claim to be supporting animals that work and claim to be about the dogs.

Sad day that we have same gang complaining about changing the name of any ex-racing greyhound.

Here are some of my personal facts: I’ve been around for years and visited farms and tracks in most states that have and had racing. To those that think the call name is an important issue of debate, my own personal experience would make me think that there are a few greyhounds who would respond to the call names of “F*****”, “A******”, and “B****".  Very often a greyhound in an adoption program does not know its name let alone it's call name. Very often a greyhound comes off a haul with the wrong name on its collar or no name on its muzzle. 

Damn shame the enjoyment of racing, adoption and the love of the breed is being sucked right out from under us by a few angry individuals lead by voices who haven’t a clue or have zero knowledge of the history and facts.

For years many accused the other side of harassment and rightly so, but now a few think it is right to act like children and harass not only the other side but those who have given their life and soul for the greyhounds and might actually be good resources for fact and guidance on helping and saving the greyhounds.

The leadership - term used very loosely due to lack of leadership - of those claiming to be supporting animals that work will bring about the complete end of greyhound racing in the United States in little less than two years.

Personally, I’m not sure the pendulum can be swung back, but each day the pendulum gets further and further to the left and at some point, any chance of swinging back is impossible.

Save greyhound racing by first saving us from those who claim to be supporting animals that work yet relish in turning us against each other, nitpicking at issues that only bring more discord and insinuating if you are not with them 100% you are against them,

Bring about real dialog. No more secret groups, no more spying, no more in-fighting. Our greyhound’s survival depends on it.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Swarm or Reason?

I’ve been stating for some time that the effort to restore pari-mutuel wagering in Florida needs leadership. Not only is the lack of leadership extremely evident, I now see the other glaring issue - lacking the ability to control the digital conversation. Instructing followers to swam the Facebook pages of those who oppose them without a short, clear, concise message points to a lack of leadership, direction and (just a guess) no guidance from a public relations firm which all amounts to political suicide.

The parties that seek to end greyhound racing has been extremely clear and precise in their digital message yet we continue to post rambling personal views, call names and present undocumented statements and wonder why the public perception of greyhound racing sinks even lower. 

Saving pari-mutuel wagering requires leadership that offers direction, guidance and the ability to formulate a team that can control the digital conversation so as to point out the qualities of greyhounds and their culture.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Rumble & Sway

Greyhound racing needs to craft a simple yet grabbing message. Social media posts continue to imply that there are no funds to use for public relations as select committees choose to use (waste?) money for court, creation of an effective, unified statement of purpose that speaks to all and not just the choir continues to be nonexistent.

Those who are against greyhound racing have a 20-year head start of crafting a concise message that does their job in only 4 words - “greyhound racing is inhumane”. Their message is clear on what they want the public to believe first and foremost.

The challenge for all who want to participate - tell the world in 2 sentences why greyhound racing is not inhumane.

Then write another 2 sentences as to why greyhound racing is great.

Maybe we will be able to craft a simple message that will resonate with the public and grabs hold of their attention.

As another message tells us in less than 4 words - JUST DO IT!

Monday, January 28, 2019

The Blame Game

I recently thought to myself that maybe if the greyhound industry would take a long hard look in the mirror they would face the problem and realize that if a drastic change was not made, it is over. Would the November result at last be the wake-up call to take on the challenge of doing things differently?

This morning I feel nothing has changed.  

The greyhound industry is back to pointing fingers at everyone but itself.
The horseman did it.
The activists did it.
The voters did it.

Just once, will anyone ask the questions that may lead to success going forward?

Did failed leadership do it?
Could using an often unpalatable, out of control, color by number talking head as the media face have done it?
Did the inability to stand behind one message/one organization/one hashtag do it?
Did living in the comfort zone do it?
Was not realizing it is about the greyhounds the beginning of the end?

Sadly, without strong qualified leadership, committees that understand politics, experienced media relations and the ability and desire to build trust and alliances with others, the greyhound industry is doomed to repeat the failures it has come accustomed to. Unless the industry is willing to do the deep dive look at itself, select a leader with real qualities, build a winning message and a winning team, the only thing really left to do is decide who will turn the lights out.

For years the greyhound industry laughed at the activists, hiding from social media and refusing to pull back the curtain which opened the door for the activists to run with a winning message, court political leaders, fund war chests and develop the necessary cross team relationships that would guarantee the elimination of the racing greyhound.

Are you willing to change and do what is necessary to save the greyhound industry and put the dogs first or will it be more of the blame game on everyone but ourselves?

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Life after Amendment 13..........The haunting begins........

The above is from 3-part article written by Leslie Wootten tittled Life after Racing.  This article was published several years ago, today with the passage of Amendment 13 in Florida, I’m haunted even more than I was then, especially when I see quotes from “humane advocate protectors” like this:

Thanks to those who pushed the passage of amendment 13 in Florida, greyhounds worldwide are now at greater risk than they have ever been before, congratulations “humane advocate protectors” you have done more harm to greyhounds than any entity before you!

Please take the time to read:

Part I, Life after Racing

Part II, Life after Racing
Part III, Life after Racing

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

No common sense for the Florida Greyhounds………….

From blog published Aug 2017

Common Sense...........Published August 2017

We often hear people ask "Whatever happened to common sense?".

Thinking about common sense in the greyhound world one may ask - Why don’t “humane advocate protectors” and those who care about racing greyhounds get along? What happened to common sense?

In order to have common sense people must have something in common. While one might say greyhounds are what is in common, I disagree. “Humane advocate protectors” use greyhounds to lay the ground work for their true objectives - a world free of gambling, a world that is 100% vegan, a world where animals have the same legal rights as humans and perhaps most disturbing, a world free of any animals as pets.

Many “humane advocate protectors” have an effortless way to earn a living. You do realize your donations pay the salaries of “humane advocate protectors”, don't you?  How easy it is to use a greyhound to tug at the publics financial heartstrings so that they keep hitting that donate button allowing the “humane advocate protectors” to lobby and wine and dine whoever they need to in order to push their agenda and depriving greyhound adoption programs - the true individuals who help ex-racing greyhound find homes - of much needed financial support which truly is 100% for the greyhounds. 

To deny or reject what a greyhound is and their history is not something one does if they truly love the breed. 

Can the “humane advocate protectors” have common sense if they cannot love the greyhounds for what they are as well as what they have been? How can they claim to know what is best for greyhounds if they do not have hands on experience with all aspects of greyhounds? 

As with a good marriage or a good relationship, success comes from mutual love, mutual understanding and a mutual willingness for give and take in order to make things better for a common goal. That's simply common sense. But if one side looks only to destroy what exists or demand the other side to all things "their way", what sense does that make?

Perhaps if the “humane advocate protectors” made the effort to understand and love the greyhound, we would all have something in common.