Tuesday, September 19, 2017

You have a choice……….

October is fast approaching which means it is that time of year again when 2 greyhound events are held during the same weekend in Delaware. 

One is called The Dewey Gathering.

The other is run and owned by an individual who has the requirement to register as a sex offender for their entire life.  

The reason for a prison term and lifetime sex offender regstration?  Molesting two innocent young girls.

You have a choice. 

You can help support greyhound adoption efforts directly.

Or you can support a convicted child molester and allow him to choose how much and to whom your donations and registration fees benefit...after all of the individual's expenses are covered. Are you 100% positive the individual can be trusted with children, money or animals? Do you feel that just because a convicted child molester with lifetime sex offender registration is involved with greyhounds that it makes everything "aok" in your eyes?

when is sexual predator kid friendly?

Monday, August 28, 2017

Common Sense………..

We often hear people ask "Whatever happened to common sense?".

Thinking about common sense in the greyhound world one may ask - Why don’t “humane advocate protectors” and those who care about racing greyhounds get along? What happened to common sense?

In order to have common sense people must have something in common. While one might say greyhounds are what is in common, I disagree. “Humane advocate protectors” use greyhounds to lay the ground work for their true objectives - a world free of gambling, a world that is 100% vegan, a world where animals have the same legal rights as humans and perhaps most disturbing, a world free of any animals as pets.

Many “humane advocate protectors” have an effortless way to earn a living. You do realize your donations pay the salaries of “humane advocate protectors”, don't you?  How easy it is to use a greyhound to tug at the publics financial heartstrings so that they keep hitting that donate button allowing the “humane advocate protectors” to lobby and wine and dine whoever they need to in order to push their agenda and depriving greyhound adoption programs - the true individuals who help ex-racing greyhound find homes - of much needed financial support which truly is 100% for the greyhounds. 

To deny or reject what a greyhound is and their history is not something one does if they truly love the breed. 

Can the “humane advocate protectors” have common sense if they cannot love the greyhounds for what they are as well as what they have been? How can they claim to know what is best for greyhounds if they do not have hands on experience with all aspects of greyhounds? 

As with a good marriage or a good relationship, success comes from mutual love, mutual understanding and a mutual willingness for give and take in order to make things better for a common goal. That's simply common sense. But if one side looks only to destroy what exists or demand the other side to all things "their way", what sense does that make?

Perhaps if the “humane advocate protectors” made the effort to understand and love the greyhound, we would all have something in common.

Friday, August 11, 2017

What’s in a Name…….

Name recognition is a number one item for many corporations and politicians. In the greyhound world, it is equally important. Greyhound Pets of America for instance has built up a name recognition over the years as being a leader in greyhound welfare, placement and speaking truthfully. Under the Greyhound Pets of America banner over 90,000 ex-racing greyhounds have found homes.

Greyhound Pets of America is also commonly called GPA and has been known by and associated with those letters since 1987.

While it is understandable that in the course of 30 years, several GPA chapters have broken away to be independent adoption groups, it may come as a shock to some of you that many of these newly independent groups who have voluntarily left the GPA family have chosen new group names oddly similar to Greyhound Pets of America who's initials condense to GPA, thus causing an unknowing public to think that they follow the same standards, accountability, honesty, financial responsibility and actions as the true GPA chapters. Why it is almost like these groups who no longer wish to be part of the GPA family still wish to be viewed as, thought of and referred to as "GPA" by the donating and adoption public. Seems a bit deceptive.

So, the next time a group tells you they are "GPA", do yourself a favor and verify that they are indeed a true, original GPA and not a group coyly presenting themselves as GPA in an attempt to fool the unknowing into thinking they are still a part of an organization they chose to leave.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Cocaine in Racing Greyhounds

To: Greyhound Pets of America and friends of greyhounds,

Wish I was writing to you under different circumstances. I’m sure many of you have read or heard about a news article getting lots of attention of late regarding positive tests regarding racing greyhounds in Florida.

While it is true that some greyhounds have tested positive, a lot is yet unknown. Many of you may know that I also serve as a racing regulator in the State of Arizona. One huge lesson I’ve learned during my 5 plus years as a racing official hearing various cases and appeals is that it’s best
to wait for all the factual information, let those charged with investigating perform that investigation and present their findings before formulating an opinion.

Right now as I see it, and I’m looking at it as someone who has loved and worked on behalf of the greyhounds for 24 years,
 we are seeing very few facts and lots of hearsay and accusations.  I would encourage everyone to hold back on any judgement until investigation is completed and all appeals have been exhausted.

I will also say, if someone is responsible for physically giving racing greyhounds cocaine, I hope those charged with performing the investigation find that person and prosecute to the fullest. If individuals or organizations are currently being falsely accused and investigation finds that out, I hope they are fully vindicated.

Greyhound Pets of America - National

Friday, June 23, 2017

I Am Done Hiding – Part II

You may tire of reading how I feel that the individual running and participating in family friendly greyhound events who is a lifetime registered sex offender and convicted child molester must step away from the greyhound adoption community and those adoption groups and greyhound vendors who enable this individual should also be boycotted. Some of you do not agree with me but after reading both parts 1 & 2 of the story of a fellow member of our greyhound community written in their own words, a person many of you know and have had involvement with, if you still feel the need to support/condone/embrace a registered lifetime sex offender and convicted child molester as part of the family friendly greyhound community please comment on this blog using your real name and tell the world why such a person should be celebrated in the greyhound community now that you know what far too many in the adoption community have suffered at the hands of child molesters, sex offenders and sexual deviates.

I am now an adult.

I am expected to just get over this.

I am expected to forgive and forget.

Please tell me how. Please.

How do I forget ropes digging into my wrists and being beaten until my legs bled because it was a turn on?

How am I to forget hair being yanked out of my scalp for not doing something right?

How am I to forget shirts shoved in my mouth to shut me up or choked until I passed out, only to wake up to the preacher on top of me?

How am I to forget eight grown men doing what they did for hours on end all night long as I cried and begged them to stop and begging to die?

How do you forget?


One whole bottle of Tramadol, one whole bottle of Vicodin, a bottle of Oxycontin, a bottle of Percocet and washing them with two bottles of Jose Cuervo.

But what do you do when God says NO, YOU'RE TO LIVE. Well, that I can answer. You live. And you sit here writing this between tears. You can't forget. 

You look at other people's children, and you cry “That will never be you”. You deal with men not wanting to date you or marry you because you can't give them children.

You give up on life.

You give up.

And you're picked up. Through Christ, I've found my way.

It's not easy but I'm here. I'm here to tell my story. To tell others that they can overcome this too

That doesn't mean forgetting.

So does someone who attacked a child deserve to be forgiven? True, Christ says to forgive. However in our day we have laws and those laws say to protect. Those laws are made to protect others against those who do something so horrible that they are designated a lifelong offender. I'm a victim of someone who should have been. I'm a victim of those of you who look the other way. I'm a victim of those of you who say a person is changed and good. You don't have to live with waking up in the middle of the night screaming because you're petrified someone just woke you up choking you. You don't live with having PTSD. You don't have to live with severe anxiety. No, you don't.

You look the other way and choose to see a monster as being a wonderful person. Good for you.

But I'm supposed to “get over it”? Ok. I will.

Will you take away my memories?

Will you heal my insides and allow me to have my own children?

Will you heal the other scars on my body?

No. You can't.

I'm almost 39 years old. I still wake up screaming to this day. I can't see anything on TV  even remotely like what I endured or I have flashbacks for days on end. I'm there again. I feel the belt. I feel the preacher ripping my insides out. I feel the beating. I feel the pain... the blood…the humiliation. I hear the yelling that it was my fault. I caused this. I provoked this.

Tell me how as a six year old girl, I forced a grown man, a Baptist preacher, to tie me up, beat me until I bled and rape every part of my body until I passed out and continue doing it until he felt he was done? Explain to me how I caused this? What did I ever do?

So tell why are you standing up for someone who harmed innocent children? Are you not interested because it does not involve you? What if it were your child? You wouldn't ignore them, would you?

I am part of your world. I've walked beside many of you, talked to you and had meals with you. I've been taught to be ashamed of my past. To hide it. Never speak of it. It's taken me over thirty years to discover there are those who fight for those of us who are innocent.

I'm done hiding in the shadows. I'm done hiding behind closed doors and closed minds. I'm done with abusers getting away with it or being allowed to lie about it or having others say “he’s okay because it was years ago”.   

It's been over thirty years for me, too and I have to live with this the rest of my life.

I am done hiding behind the curtain of shame. This is me. This is my story. This is my book of life. God helped me overcome this so I can help others, and I can't do that when I still hide.

So I'm standing up. No more shame.

I am Jennifer Boswell.

I am the director of the Alabama Greyhound Rescue And Adoption Center.

I am a survivor.

I'll be here to protect others like me who didn't know where to go, what to do, or how to heal.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

I Am Done Hiding – Part I

I have been once again contacted by an individual in the greyhound community who shared their heartbreaking story of childhood sexual assault and has asked me to share it with my readers. This story pulls no punches. It is not easy to read. Both my wife and I cried after reading it. This story shows the trauma, the pain of an abused child and also exactly how a child molester can and does alter the life and rob the innocence of the children they molest.

I Am Done Hiding - Part I

My story and survival begins before I was born.

My biological mother was an alcoholic, RX drug addict, and had a life threatening auto immune disease. Due to a blood transfusion, she contacted Hepatitis B. I know my mother did not want me. I survived medications that were supposed to make her miscarry me. Then I survived a saline abortion. I was due November 28th, but was born Aug 3rd.

My mother was in the hospital until I was six years old due to her auto immune disease. Sometimes she was able to come home for a weekend, sometimes not. My grandmother raised me and took care of her mother as well. My great-grandmother was Cherokee and we spoke our language until she passed. Soon after her passing my grandmother met a preacher and they began a common law marriage. This preacher forbid us speaking anything but English, and it was quickly learned that being anything but Caucasian was severely shameful. My hair, once black as night and down to my ankles, was cut short and dyed red. The preacher loved the movie “Annie” and said I looked like her. I cried. I hated that movie. I still do.

My grandmother worked near her house and allowed me to go home to fix a sandwich or watch cartoons rather than stay the full day at her work with her. One particular day, the preacher was home.

I was six years old the first time I learned about sex. I had bruises all over from trying to get away. I still remember hurting so much. My mom was home that weekend. She came to pick me up that evening. When I told her what had happened... well... I would like to tell you that he was arrested. I can't. Instead, I'm here to speak the truth. I was slapped hard enough that I got a black eye. My mother dragged me to my grandmother and the preacher and I was forced to tell them the “lie” I had told her and made to apologize for lying. That was the beginning of eight years of repeated rape by the same preacher. My only friend at the time, a Doberman, once tried to protect me. I was eight and had enough that day of the preacher and yelled at him. He grabbed me by my throat and threw me through the kitchen window. My grandmother witnessed it, but she only focused on my Doberman attacking the preacher. I remember her coming out to the porch and fussing at me that it was my fault for starting it, all the while pulling glass out of me. I still bear those scars on my back and arms. My Doberman was killed the next day by the preacher, and everything got much worse. I would go to school petrified of not knowing if he would be the one picking me up from school. It was nothing uncommon for me to have severe stomach ulcers from stress. I did my best to stay with my grandmother, but he would find reasons that I needed to go back to the house, and I was forced to go.

I never bothered telling my mom about the neighborhood boys. What difference would it have made that three boys pushed me off my bike and dragged me into the woods.

When I was twelve, my biological mother had a friend and insisted that I become her daughter's friend. I was never interested in either of them, but my mother insisted. She insisted one day we go to some family gathering of her friends. That night I found out why I was forced to go. I wasn't worth what my mother sold me for. As she sat getting high and drunk, I was gang raped by eight men. Of course it was all my fault. My mother being a psychiatric nurse was good at mind games. For years, I believed it was my fault.

The first time I went to see a gynecologist he was startled to see the internal (in addition to external) damage I had. I was told I would never be able to conceive or give birth to children. Never. Yet again, this was all my fault. Yet again another reason for my mom to hit me.”

Part II will be posted 6/23/17

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Lasting Scars of Child Molestation

I recently received communication from a member of the greyhound community who chose to share their story of childhood sexual assault and granted me permission to share their words. I am once again humbled and honored to be trusted in such a way.

Greyhounds have been a part of my life for 24 years and the knowledge that an individual who is a lifetime registered sex offender and convicted child molester is embraced/supported/admired in the greyhound community continues to sicken me especially after reading accounts as I am about to share with you, knowing that women, men & children with histories much the same are also part of the greyhound community and attend greyhound or sighthound related events, often having to come face to face with an individual known to them to be a child molester who must register for life as a sex offender due to the severity of the crimes.

If after you finish reading my blog, you are able to utter phrases like - "I don't care, it wasn't me or my child" or "the individual served his time" or "as long as the individual helps greyhounds, it does not matter that they sexually abused children" - I pity you and fail to understand how you show such little regard for children yet profess to be willing to do "anything to protect greyhounds".

These are the words of someone in the greyhound community that is most likely known to many of you. Someone who truly helps the dogs.

"I wanted to comment about your informative posts regarding the sex abuser. When I was a child, I was molested repeatedly by 2 older brothers.

The molestation started when they were teenagers, and continued after they reached the age of 18. With today's openness and awareness of sexual abuse, these 2 molesters, had this molestation happened today, would have likely severed prison time and had to register as sex offenders. But this happened in the 1970's.

My molesters are free to live their lives, while I carry deep, deep scars that will forever be painful. I appreciate you making people aware of this abuser’s history so hopefully parents can take steps to protect their children from him.

The molestation I suffered was painful. But far more painful to me are the decades since, where I see (on Facebook) pictures of my molesters among other family members...all smiling together. It feels like a huge slap in my face that people who know what these two did to me not only accept my molesters, but share photos of them together smiling, and it shows up on my Facebook page. I fear I will always be their victim. So... thank you for sticking up for the victims whose lives are forever scarred by this man.

I recognize that this man has "done his time", but parents need to be aware of him so they can protect their children. I also want to point out that parents need always be on guard, because not all molesters have been caught and identified publicly. My molesters go to church most Sundays and may seem like decent people. They are not. Please watch your children and trust no one. Family members and adults who should be able to he trusted with your children (teachers, priests, other clergy, scout leaders, etc.) are often the perpetrators. If you care to share my message, you have my permission. Please keep my name private however.... Again, thank you for taking a stand to protect children."