Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Who Do You Trust?

Who Do You Trust?

Since August I and many others have been made aware that a convicted child molester with lifetime registration as a sex offender 
is masquerading as a greyhound supporter, using the dogs and other people’s money to build up support. This individual committed acts of first degree sexual assault, not one but 6 counts on a 5 year old girl and a 7 year old while out on bail. Apparently not even the State could trust this individual to keep to himself while out on bail - why should we? This individual "owns" greyhound events that are attended by families that often include children and grandchildren and these events are in towns and locations where children can be and are present. Records indicate that this individual claims to be associated with many adoption groups and organizations in various states in a variety of capacities. Are these adoption groups and organizations aware that many areas have laws against convicted child molesters volunteering for or with anything?

There are those in the greyhound adoption community who have cried foul regarding the fact that concerned attendees of a recent greyhound event as well as local residents contacted the "official" site of a recent greyhound event to question the liability and voice concerns about having a convicted child molester at a location with a nursery/child care center, a Safe Sanctuary designation and a children's skate park. Why is it frowned upon by some when legal counsel strongly advised calls of notification and concern be placed? Yet there are those in the greyhound community who did not make calls, yet receive communications of intimidation. Does the assault on women continue in a different form?

While a percentage of the greyhound adoption community continues to embrace a convicted child molester, I wonder if they would do the same if a convicted child molester with lifetime registration moved next door to them or a family member. Have any of these individuals who would vouch for the safety of any child in the vicinity of a convicted child molester attended a community seminar offered by the department of corrections which offers instructions and addresses concerns to residents when a sexual predator moves into an area? These community seminars advise that a convicted child molester never be trusted near or allowed in the vicinity of children. One thing the department of correction does not say is that a convicted child molester is safe and the crimes against children are negated because a convicted child molester does volunteer work with greyhounds. But color me stupid as I guess the sages of the greyhound world know far more than professionals who deal with rapists, pedophiles and child molestation every day.

For those who continue to support the actions and behavior of a convicted child molester do you also support the social media declarations of such an individual stating that they would not be attending a recent greyhound event yet they did indeed attend? Would this be considered a lie to most people or because this is said in the greyhound adoption community lies are acceptable because an individual is involved with greyhounds? Before you answer do you also know that they made a declaration asking if we really expected "me to not show up?" Why yes, we really did. Or are we to gather that this is one lie in a sea of questionable behavior directed at the greyhound adoption community? 

I saw a number of children at the recent greyhound event. Who among the supporters of a convicted child molester are willing to possibly sacrifice the innocence of another child? Why are those that know the truth and facts about this individual being directed/advised to tone it down, to ignore the risk, to forget the past crimes but perhaps most of all that those who embrace, support and look up to a convicted child molester in the greyhound community not understand that this individual be the one to step away for the greater good of the dogs that we love.

I and many others will not waiver because the safety of children is just as important to us as the safety of our greyhounds.