Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pull Back the Veil of “humane advocate protectors” secrecy!

Remember a few years back when “humane advocate protectors” got their biased opinions of greyhounds into every nationwide news story that dealt with any type of mass animal graves? Even when the stories turned out to have nothing to do with ex-racing greyhounds, “humane advocate protectors” managed to get their venomous hate of greyhounds into the news, claiming this is the fate of greyhounds.

What sort of journalist would simply run with the hate of the self-proclaimed “humane advocate protector” experts rather than research the full story as well as issue a follow-up when it was announced that the animals found were not greyhounds? Does bad news sell more newspapers? Do “humane advocate protector” tie into anything to keep those donations rolling in, even when it does not involve ex-racing greyhounds?

The “humane advocate protectors” count on the fact that most people will not look for the errors in a story and will just believe what they read on the internet.

Have you ever noticed that the “humane advocate protectors” specialize in not answering questions, changing the subject when it comes to their dealings and demands for transparency and accountability? Why do they turn the tables, crying out that they are the truth and those who question their facts, their motives, their practices or do not join their case are the "unholy"?

The next time you see a post or comment or letter to the editor from a “humane advocate protector” quoting chapter and verse of their agenda, ask yourself a few questions as you formulate a response:

1 – Who has made the statements? (Is the writer representing or is a supporter/member of an organization with a biased agenda?)

2 – How does the writer present their information? (Is the writer a member of an organization using biased agenda resources generated by the same organization?)

3 – What’s missing? (Did the writer give a complete picture - what did the writer fail to talk about - is the writer using deceptive statistics that have not been verified by uninterested parties - does the writer receive any type, any form of compensation from the organization)

4 – Does the writer address and answer follow-up inquiries or is the response a change of subject/an attack on the person asking questions/responding to nothing addressed in the question. (Often those with something to hide may use counsel to provide a legal-sounding response that does nothing more than deflect the lies, distractions and biased opinions)

Why do "humane advocate protectors" accuse all individuals not in 100% agreement with them of being "with the industry" and lying?

Perhaps it is just a simple case of an individual truly looking to learn the truth about questions and statements that are obviously one sided or misleading. 

It is time for people to let the daylight in upon the "humane advocate protectors" and point out that they are part of biased organizations and personally profit from biased or misleading statements that they themselves circulate.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Many moons ago after adopting my first greyhound, I like many of you wanted to get involved in finding homes for these wonderful dogs. I was awestruck and wanted others to know the joy I had come to know.

In my preparation work to become an adoption placement rep I asked what was apparently a forbidden question - 

”Do we work with the trainers at the track and garner information from them about the greyhounds personality”

I received a scowling look and was told that the trainers at the track had nothing of value to contribute and knew nothing about personalities of dogs. Now I may have been young and stupid, but one thing I have always had in my favor was a dogged (no pun intended) curiosity.

Moving to the Phoenix area I set out to feed my curiosity with a several boot-on-the-ground trips to a track. I would pack up Thermoses of coffee and warm bagels from the coffee shop I owned, then stop for several dozen Krispy Kreme donuts and spend many a Sunday morning with the trainers. Over time I came to respect the knowledge they had about greyhounds, and a respect for the amount of time they put into caring for the dogs and yes I developed some friendships that to this day have stood the test of time.

When I formed my own adoption program and then eventually merged it with another adoption program, the trainers never let me down whenever I asked for their assistance. If I asked for a particular personality and told the trainers about the personality of the dogs currently in home they provided me with the right greyhound for that home. My job as an adoption representative was to learn as much as I could about the potential home and then let the experts assist in finding the right dog.

While not currently involved in the adoption side, to this day I rely on the friendships I built years ago to put the right greyhound in my own home.

It’s just one dude's opinion but the trainers never let me down and I feel that they never let me down because they know and love these dogs. Yes love. I have seen their tears when they are getting their beloved greyhound ready to leave for its next career as someone's pet.  I have heard the sound of their voices when they call to see how their beloved greyhound is adjusting to life as a pet. And I have been there to share the grief with them after many years as they learn that one of their beloved greyhound has passed.

Curiosity got the best of me and it benefited many greyhounds. I asked "Who ya gonna call?" when it comes to learning about your pet ex-racing greyhounds. You contact people who have experience training, breeding them, people who have spent hours learning the personalities of each dog. People who have taken the time to educate themselves on all aspects of greyhounds and have become experts in the process of taking a greyhound from racing career and integrating it into new career as a pet.

And I can tell you who I did not call - I did not call people with zero experience who are nothing more than highly compensated lobbyists with an agenda.

Trust me on this – real boots-on-the-ground education with people who know greyhounds will strengthen the bond between you and greyhounds.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Boogie land – The best of…………

Occasionally I will circle back and share a blast from the past. As I know my readership has been growing I felt now would be a good time to start sharing some older posts……..Ok, I just saw Olga chowing down on a Arizona sundried dog turd and well……….Here you go

Posted December 6th 2012 – Respect the Dogs

A few days ago as I was sitting in the office yard enjoying the Arizona "winter" weather, one of  my greyhounds came by and immediately grabbed a bit of dog poop and woofed it down. I instantly recalled all the debates regarding 4-D meat over the years and wondered if what Olga just ate was fit for human consumption? 

Of course not! Yet some individuals, who are more than eager to attempt to destroy the livelihoods of law abiding citizens with smear campaigns, claim 4-D meat is not fit for human consumption and should not be fed to dogs.

Hummm...screeching breaks here! 

If the argument is that 4-D meat is not fit for human consumption and should not be given to dogs – just one question – should any attention be given to individuals or organizations that are unable to distinguish between a human and canine?

Now while I have not personally witnessed any dog poop piles marked "Not Fit For Human Consumption", I’m pretty sure it is safe to say it is unfit for human consumption. If anyone out there would like to chow down on a bit of Poop and prove me wrong, go right ahead. In the same vein, many medications that are formulated for our pets are clearly marked for animal (or specifically dog, cat, etc.) use only. Animal medication is not fit for human consumption. 

Canines, no matter what breed they are, can and do consume things that are not fit for human consumption. It is their nature. I love my dogs with every fiber of my being, but my dogs are not human.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Where The Heck Did They Learn To Do THAT?

While trying to fall asleep last night with our newly adopted greyhound of just a week snuggled up against me and kissing my nose every time I try to shift, I found myself asking why is this new greyhound so "at home" so quickly? She sure must have been given lots of love and snuggles by the kennel staff be so comfortable with a stranger.

We keep hearing the "humane advocate protectors” continually making statements that the greyhounds are not socialized and get no human attention. Yet here I am, trying to sleep with a newly adopted greyhound, just one week into her retirement, snuggled up against me exactly like Bobo, my adopted greyhound of 7 years. She chose to be next to me, not me next to her.

The negative rhetoric that some like to spew about greyhounds does the breed a huge disservice! 

For my actual boots-on-the-ground, with my own eyes education,  I chose to sit down and watch the lead outs at the track I was at last week as they handled the greyhounds coming out of ginny pit and being prepared for the race. The greyhounds would nuzzle the lead outs; the lead outs would pet the dogs. What I observed is something that anyone in the public could witness for themselves if they are at the track. Many adopters often mention how their adopted greyhounds nuzzle up to them looking for a pat on the head or a tickle under the chin.

I then watched as the dogs would be loaded into starting box. "Humane advocate protectors” level accusations that the dogs are crying in fear but watch and listen and when you see the bunny lure starting to make its way around, you will discover the dogs are howling – not in fear or pain – they are howling in anticipation that the hunt is about to begin.  Many adopters often mention how their adopted greyhounds howl and roo and become excited in anticipation of playtime, mealtime or seeing the mailman coming up to the front door.

So next time you come across a “fact sheet" by organizations and individuals who have zero experience with raising, training and/or transitioning racing greyhounds from their racing career to their pet career, ask for the rest of the story – ask for the truth.