Monday, November 10, 2014

Pistol - Mother Bunny...........

Olga (Costar Cry) would like to remind everyone about her mother’s bunny program and contribute if you can.

Soon we will be announcing a new program in the honor of Walker. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bark it up a Notch............

In one state, 50% of the politicians running for office that accepted awards from “humane advocate protectors" with ties to domestic terrorism organizations were defeated last night. 

Sadly this is no time to celebrate because 50% of the politicians that support the “humane advocate protectors" with ties to domestic terrorism organizations were reelected and will be taking an oath to defend and protect the constitution from enemies foreign and domestic while they continue to sit on the bandwagon of and accept awards from organizations with ties to domestic terrorists.

I whole heartedly applauded the efforts of those unorganized, ragtag individuals who spoke up to expose the hypocrisy of those in the political arena who continue to support, listen to, follow and/or be manipulated by people and groups with documented associations to domestic terrorists.

With no paid lobbyists, no fund raising campaigns or auctions, zero money, but a true love of the racing greyhound they made their voices heard. The time has come for everyone who has ever loved, cared for or adopted a greyhound to work together. It is time for all those in the greyhound welfare/greyhound racing movement put personal animosity aside, ignore political agendas, check their egos at the door and come together for the common cause ~ the preservation of the racing greyhound breed and the continuation of racing done right. It is time to allow those who are most qualified to win the war fight it. This is not a contest for the most likes on Facebook or how many fake names can be gathered on an online petition. This is not a popularity contest for which state has the most social media pretty faces. If all states do not come together for the common goal, then no state will be victorious.

Ask yourself if the fate of your job, your sole source of income, your chosen profession should be given to those who are interested in yearly paychecks and make decisions based on the expectancy of a yearly paycheck for lobbying efforts

The time has come for everyone to stop being reactive to the antics of the "humane advocate protectors" and start being proactive. To be leaders in the care and overseeing of the racing greyhound. Make a plan for the future of yourselves, your industry and your greyhounds. Greyhound racing, greyhound care, greyhound adoption and the noble breed of the racing greyhound should be continued and preserved in the highest standards, with the love, care and safety of the greyhounds as the prime concern.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Roo The Vote!

The only way those of us with a true caring agenda regarding the racing greyhound will be able to stop the flood of radical hate mongering by the “humane advocates protectors” from succeeding and continuing to force their agenda on all of us is to NOT vote for any person running for elected office that has ties with or listens to the “humane advocate protectors” and their supporting cast.

It will be interesting tomorrow to see how many of those running for elected office fail to garner the vote.

Even if it is only a small percentage, it will indicate people are listening to the truth and it will be time to ramp up the unorganized grass roots effort into a national organized machine.

The greyhounds are counting on us to contain those with a hateful agenda from furthering their destruction.