Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April is Greyhound Adoption Month.............

We’ve all heard that the evil industry runs the dogs till they can’t make a dime, this of course is spread by people that I believe have anger management issues, they hate greyhound racing and will in my opinion say anything to garner support.

I’ve been paying attention to a particular greyhound, but I figured he would not be available for a long time, as this greyhound was running very well, he was still running in the money, grade A. Since I’ve been calling the trainer occasionally to see how he was doing, I was shocked when my latest call had this response “Rory, he is still running in the money but I want him to go home with you, you can get him anytime you want……………… Screeching breaks here – you mean the “evil” industry could still make some money but out of evilness has chosen to send this dog into adoption?

April is greyhound adoption month, do like me, adopt and get to know the industry people – I’ve made some very good friends and these friendships have brought me some tremendous new members into my family! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Sinner’s Swing…………

This morning I received a response to my blog of April 5th 2013

"Why were these dogs even alive in the first place? Because they were BRED for the race track. There are too many dogs in this world without homes. Breeding dogs for human entertainment which later have to find retirement homes is the problem here. Stop the racing, stop the breeding. It's not like dogs are about to become extinct as a species."

"Why were these dogs even alive in the first place?"

Does this person feel all racing and ex-racing greyhounds should not be alive? 

The topic of the blog entry was why is someone who is against racing is allowed to put a greyhound down when individuals & groups were willing to come forward and accept responsibility for the dogs? One could say that those against racing have a double standard.You should be equally outraged if any dog in any condition in any circumstance is put down! 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Let he who is without sin……………

Over the year’s individuals and organizations that have made a living and/or profit off the greyhounds by paying themselves salaries, granting benefits, using personal property as tax write-offs, etc. have been leading the crusade to end greyhound racing. They make claims of victories for the dogs in states they do not reside in, they demand data from anyone and everyone in any way associated with racing, yet keep their own books closed and smear anyone who asks for accountability regarding their empire.

They travel the world over preaching - do as I say...or else.

They claim to write and promote bills to “protect” greyhounds yet not a single bill they take credit for writing or promoting contains any accountability or protection clauses for the greyhounds once they no longer race.
It has come to the attention of the greyhound community that two greyhounds in Massachusetts have been put to death  by a group that is against greyhound racing.

If this had happened at a greyhound track, the public would be flooded with a “donation blitz" by the haters requesting funds to protest the needless loss of greyhound  life.

Two greyhound lives have been lost. Not while racing...but while these retired racing greyhounds waited and waited to find the right person to adopt them.

Yet the "protectors" and "the voices" remain silent. 

If this had happened at a track there would be demands for documents, accountability, for loss of jobs, for closing of businesses, for fines and jail time.

Yet the "protectors" and "the voices" remain silent.

"What is Question 3 -- The Greyhound Protection Act?
Question 3 phased out live dog racing in Massachusetts by 2010. Over 150,000 signatures were collected in an all volunteer effort in order to place the Greyhound Protection Act on the ballot.   

Why Is This Measure Important?
Dogs play an important role in our lives, and deserve to be protected from INDIVIDUALS and industries that would do them harm. Dog racing is cruel and inhumane. While at the racetrack, dogs are confined in small cages barely large enough for them to stand up or turn around for long hours each day."

Are the "protectors" and "the voices"  uninterested in protecting the greyhounds from Individuals who share their views on greyhound racing? Two deaths in their own back yard, yet they continue to travel out of state telling others to do as they demand.

Maybe it is time to stay home if this is how the greyhounds are "protected" in Massachusetts.

One hopes that those against greyhound racing will demand the same accountability from one of their supporters. Or will they pick and choose when a greyhound death is valid or invalid according to their needs.

It is time for them to take care of their own yard and when they are without sin, they may cast stones.