Thursday, October 3, 2019

Damn Shame...

Many of us got into greyhound adoption not for the cause or personal gratification but merely for the fact that greyhounds brought joy into our hearts. We enjoy them as pets, we enjoy them as sprinters in our yards, we enjoy them at coursing meets and we enjoy them for a thousand more reasons.

But it is a sad day when those who claim to be supporting animals that work and claim to be all about the dogs are the ones who now are sucking the enjoyment out of anything greyhound.

Sad day that we now have groups forced to give greyhounds a cover name when they come into programs to avoid the harassment from those who claim to be supporting animals that work and claim to be about the dogs.

Sad day that we have same gang complaining about changing the name of any ex-racing greyhound.

Here are some of my personal facts: I’ve been around for years and visited farms and tracks in most states that have and had racing. To those that think the call name is an important issue of debate, my own personal experience would make me think that there are a few greyhounds who would respond to the call names of “F*****”, “A******”, and “B****".  Very often a greyhound in an adoption program does not know its name let alone it's call name. Very often a greyhound comes off a haul with the wrong name on its collar or no name on its muzzle. 

Damn shame the enjoyment of racing, adoption and the love of the breed is being sucked right out from under us by a few angry individuals lead by voices who haven’t a clue or have zero knowledge of the history and facts.

For years many accused the other side of harassment and rightly so, but now a few think it is right to act like children and harass not only the other side but those who have given their life and soul for the greyhounds and might actually be good resources for fact and guidance on helping and saving the greyhounds.

The leadership - term used very loosely due to lack of leadership - of those claiming to be supporting animals that work will bring about the complete end of greyhound racing in the United States in little less than two years.

Personally, I’m not sure the pendulum can be swung back, but each day the pendulum gets further and further to the left and at some point, any chance of swinging back is impossible.

Save greyhound racing by first saving us from those who claim to be supporting animals that work yet relish in turning us against each other, nitpicking at issues that only bring more discord and insinuating if you are not with them 100% you are against them,

Bring about real dialog. No more secret groups, no more spying, no more in-fighting. Our greyhound’s survival depends on it.

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