Friday, August 30, 2013

Got Some 'Splainin' To Do....................

Whenever I see those gnashing teeth, snarky emails, I have to smile. Could it be that the “humane advocate protectors” are angry that they are being questioned about things they want to sweep under the carpet and not address? 

Things like...why they profess to hate dog racing yet have a co-founder/friend/board member involved in dog racing and never willingly and openly make the donation giving public aware of it?

Or why they never attack the unregulated dog racing but attack with unrelenting viciousness against racing that is highly regulated? Is that because a co-founder/friend/board member enters dogs into and judges the unregulated type of dog racing?

Or why they have yet to denounce the racial comments made by a board member and distance themselves from this person...unless they agree with the comments?

Or why they have yet to explain why they claim to accept zero money from gambling and racing interests, yet various reports show they been partaking in the cash flow from these interests?

Why have they  yet to apologize for the deeds of an attorney who sent threatening letters to greyhound adoption programs...unless they feel attacking greyhound adoption is part of the mission?

Have they ever explained why they told volunteers and members not to work with a large greyhound adoption program, well again like above unless they feel that attacking greyhound adoption is part of the mission of greyhound “humane, advocate, protectors”?

Is anyone aware if they have chastised the actions of volunteers who put pet greyhounds at risk during protests...or are greyhounds just a means to a donation in the eyes of the greyhound “humane, advocate, protectors”?

And why did one “humane, advocate, protector” organization grant board membership to an individual who has been associated with a group with a leader selling greyhounds to overseas buyers for breeding and racing?

It sure seems like actions of the “humane, advocate, protectors” who claim to hate dog racing and care about the greyhounds, contradicts the stated mission and goal.

The reality is... they got some ‘splainin’ to do!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The day I knew..............It was not about the dogs..........A blast from the past!

Occasionally I will circle back and share a blast from the past - here is this months blast...........Enjoy!

My first dog was named Cinnamon. She was my BFF from the time I was four years old.

Cinnamon would lay on the edge of the yard waiting for me to return from school every day. I always enjoyed getting out of school and rushing home to romp around the yard with my dog.

Just a boy and his dog, enjoying life and being together.

One day as I came home I could see the front yard was empty - no Cinnamon. I walked into the house expecting to be greeted by Cinnamon who was most likely napping but no Cinnamon. 

Where was my Cinnamon?

The news was broken to me - someone purposely drove 50 feet off the road and ran over Cinnamon who had been sleeping on the edge of our front yard waiting for me to return from school.

Why would someone purposely kill Cinnamon? 

What sort of person would deprive me of my dog?

Over the years I have come to believe that the individual(s) involved in killing Cinnamon had a heart full of hate, living a meaningless life void of honesty and integrity. I can only hope that over time the individual(s) have changed, for me and for Cinnamon any change came too late – this person's hate deprived a boy of his dog.

Several years ago I was driving home from work. What I was about to hear had such an impact on me I still remember exactly where I was - Grand Avenue and 19th. Rumors had spread that Tucson Greyhound Park might shut down. I was on the phone with a person in a nearby state that had high connections with an “advocacy” organization. When I mentioned that the adoption groups may not be able to get all the dogs, this person just blurted out, “Won’t that be fabulous!!"

“What?” I replied in total shock. "Dogs could die if the adoption groups cannot handle a huge influx of adoptable greyhounds"

And her cold, hard comeback was “But won’t that be fabulous – no more racing”. 

I replied “That is sick, dogs will die and you are happy to have dogs die to end racing?"

In my 18 years involved with greyhounds, I have come to the conclusion that some individuals hide behind the banners of “advocacy and protection” while their hearts are void of honesty and integrity. Their lives are consumed by their hatred of greyhound racing and will stoop to any level to end it...even if it puts the greyhounds they claim to "protect" and "speak for" at risk.

Care to join me as we do what we can to protect the greyhounds from those with hearts void of honesty and integrity and help protect the greyhounds from individuals who have hearts so full of hate that they will do anything to deprive a future boy (or girl) of his future dog?

Friday, August 16, 2013

Few have virtue enough to withstand the highest bidder...............

We all know “humane advocate protectors” hide the truth about themselves, their real identities or their agenda from public scrutiny as they troll for comments from anyone that is against them or questions their activities and actions. They never address the questions put forth to them. Have they addressed why they claim to hate “dog racing” yet have a co-founder/friend/board member that is involved in dog racing? Have they answered why they take money from racing and gambling interests, yet claim they will not/do not? Have they ever publicly condemned hateful racist comments from board members? Do they ever retract their false statements or admit to errors when they are incorrect?

They are neither professional nor truthful. There is a cash cow to protect. And it appears that it will be protected however it has to be protected, no matter who or what is harmed in that wake. To anyone paying attention, the money is far more important than the greyhounds. 

Fellow lovers of the greyhound breed, it is time to stop the “humane advocate protectors” who do not use their donations to assist a single greyhound, yet hide behind thousands of greyhounds in order to collect donations that pay their salaries and expenses and to spread their agenda yet continue to claim anyone against them profits from greyhounds.

Let us take it up notch and professionalize ourselves. We are not supported by public donations and grants. We have jobs and professions and families to support. Most important is the safekeeping of the greyhounds in our care.

There will be a time to laugh and joke once they are exposed and can no longer use donations as salaries and expenses.

Continue to demand accountability and transparency from the “humane advocate protectors” and do it as the professional individuals you are. Stop them from using your words to play on the public for donations.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

No Need To Feel Down – There Is A Place We Can All Go……

Let us take a moment and imagine you are preparing to become a marathon runner, or maybe a sprinter. Using some quick common sense, think about what you will need to do in order to prepare yourself for such an endeavor.  

Over the years we have been subjected to the two faced broken record of those who have ZERO experience in the lives of greyhounds but are however highly compensated lobbyists telling us that racing greyhounds are not cared for, are fed bad meals, are kept in their crates almost 24 hours a day and are not touched by humans/have no human contact.

Want the facts? Step away from your computer and go visit a track and watch a few races and then ask yourself– could these athletes perform with bad meals, no exercise and no care? 

Some two faced profiteers have profits to protect and the "dog racing" that they are tied up with and the monies from gambling they are collecting and will say anything to do so but one thing they can’t cover up is common sense – think about it. 

It’s fun to go to C-O-M-M-O-N  S-E-N-S-E!