Monday, April 8, 2013

Sinner’s Swing…………

This morning I received a response to my blog of April 5th 2013

"Why were these dogs even alive in the first place? Because they were BRED for the race track. There are too many dogs in this world without homes. Breeding dogs for human entertainment which later have to find retirement homes is the problem here. Stop the racing, stop the breeding. It's not like dogs are about to become extinct as a species."

"Why were these dogs even alive in the first place?"

Does this person feel all racing and ex-racing greyhounds should not be alive? 

The topic of the blog entry was why is someone who is against racing is allowed to put a greyhound down when individuals & groups were willing to come forward and accept responsibility for the dogs? One could say that those against racing have a double standard.You should be equally outraged if any dog in any condition in any circumstance is put down! 

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  1. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. When called on the carpet, they either deny or deflect.

    It's OK for them to hold assets in the millions of dollars, making money off the dogs which they receive free of charge, but it's not OK for the dogs owners to make a dime with them. Go figure...

    It's perfectly acceptable for "rescues" and their ilk (PeTA, etc) to destroy perfectly healthy dogs & cats because they are taking up space that could be occupied by more profitable dogs & cats, but don't let an owner put a dog dog for an injury or illness. Go figure....

    Hypocrites all! They need to be held accountable!