Friday, June 28, 2013


Several years ago an attorney for the "humane advocate protectors" made this comment “This is a Nixonion pattern of intimidation and harassment by the track owners.”

Since that comment, the "humane advocate protectors" have:

-  Circulated an email urging supporters to “refrain from interacting” with an adoption program.

-  Had an attorney send letters to various adoption programs threatening to "report" them to the IRS.

-  Called adoption leaders “Dog Killers

In recent months, “humane advocate protectors" and supporters:

-  Have taken images without permission from adoption groups which the groups use to raise money for adopting ex-racing greyhounds.

-  Circulated posted graphics that call greyhound adoption group members by name saying they are "animal abusers".

-  Attempted to damage the reputations of individuals in greyhound adoption and their abilities to find homes for ex-racing greyhounds.

-  Sent an email to a group indicating greyhound adoption provides an "opt out" and the "humane advocate protectors" are ready to use their resources and political connections against those who do not share their mission.

Now who exactly is showing a pattern of intimidation and harassment? When did the "humane advocate protectors" decide that attacks and threats to those involved in greyhound adoption were acceptable, encouraged and/or condoned? 

Demand the "humane advocate protectors" end the intimidation tactics they launch daily against anyone who disagrees with them. It is time for the self-anointed leaders of the humane advocate protectors" to take action and end the reign of terror against any and all involved in the adoption of ex-racing greyhounds into loving homes.

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  1. Sounds like the "humane advocate protectos" are taking lessons from their mentors in harassment & intimidation... ALF. Tho', the same could be said of their good friends over at PeTA & HSUS.