Thursday, June 6, 2013

Busted…….Protesting at a pace that MAY kill………….

Update – A branch of the angry protesters admit they did the dogs wrong.

In a new posting for an upcoming protest, they reminded the angry few to not bring dogs due to heat. Now if it had not been for many people coming together and demanding accountability, transparency and safety for the dogs, who knows how long these angry protesters would have kept abusing the dogs.

Isn’t it ironic that the angry few who claim to be “protectors” and “voices” of the racing greyhound seem to know nothing about the breed or proper care or what it takes to be a responsible dog owner?

Keep demanding accountability and transparency out of those who continue the hate followed up with a donate button that pays their salary.

Item 51
Watch the Heat

“Dogs can succumb to heat stress in a matter of minutes. Do not leave your dog in the car when the temperature is high. When your dog is outside, he should have a shady place to lay down and plenty of fresh, cool water.”

Until these angry few can demonstrate they are responsible, maybe they should step away from protesting and educate themselves on the breed and what it takes to be a responsible dog owner! 

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  1. But they are not interesting in the greyhound breed and what it takes to be a responsible dog owner. That is not their mission and purpose.