Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nature Takes It's Course?…..........

Pistol has been the mamadog in our family for 4 years. We originally got her a leopard print Mother Bunny to match her collar. We noticed that she didn't play with her bunny or those of the other pups but Pistol would gather all the Mother Bunnys up and put them under our dining room table. We are now up to about 20 Mother Bunny bunnies ~ all kept safe and sound under the dining room table "den" and watched over by Pistol. If anyone takes a bunny from out of the den, Pistol will promptly gather up thewayward bunny and bring it back to her den.

Two years ago we adopted Olga, who is Pistol’s daughter from her first litter.  Last night after we had returned from Pistol's vet visit, Olga suddenly became very active and began playing with and gathering up her mom’s bunnies. It is as if she knows her time of being the pack jester is nearing the end and it will soon be time for her to step into her mom's shoes as the pack Mama.

I have always believed one of the reasons ex-racing greyhounds are the best is due in part to the time they spend with mama and siblings at the farm. Once Olga settled in to her retirement routine, she again began watching and learning to do many things her mama Pistol did rather than follow the male dogs of the family.
As our pack begins a period of natural transition, I wonder if Olga is about to become even a better dog due to her time with her mama the last few years? I guess the Mother Bunny bunnies will be the first to know.

As I had mentioned in previous blog entry about Pistol – I ask that if you have the ability to do so, buy a Mother Bunny from GreyHounds of Eastern Michigan store and give it to a friend who has a senior greyhound.

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