Thursday, May 8, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Got Some 'Splainin' To Do...................

Anyone else realize that it has been 8 months since "Got Some 'Splanin' To Do" was first posted and not a single answer from the “humane advocate protectors”? Why are they afraid to explain themselves? Does the explanation do them more harm than good – could truthful explanations cut off the cash flow they so desire for personal use? If the truth hurts them, then are they then not the ones who are harmful to greyhounds and the true greyhound adoption, welfare and advocacy movement?

Click link below for "Got Some 'Splaining' To Do.................." posted Aug 2013

No the "humane advocate protectors" have not address the serious questions (after all telling the truth would expose them and cut off the cash flow) - but it has been brought to our attention that they now have another serious question to address:

And now they have to explain why their own, personal politician shot down the 3 point safety plan, and testified that the greyhound tracks were safe---after all these years of crying "cruelty!" "exploitation!", "abusive!"...could they sink any lower?

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