Friday, July 24, 2015

Be smart or be scammed

With the “humane advocate protectors” getting caught red handed in the last year with the truth about the past, and even more recently telling a big lie about a photo then altering it to hide the truth, you might wonder how can so many people be snookered into donating money when the lies are so obvious.

We all have received those poorly written e-mail scams and I know most of us see it for what it is – a scam. 

From working in the information security field, I find the answer is quite simple. Those performing the scam realize that a percentage of the thousands they target will fall for a heartstring tugging scam e-mail. The scammers also know they can spend less time by focusing on (aka suckering) the people who, for whatever reason, fail to understand that it is a scam and happily send in their donations. 

Scammers prey on those who do not realize the pleading e-mail will only benefit the scammer, much the same way the “humane advocate protectors/profiteers” need enough people who fail to see through the lies, fail to question their statements and continue to send them money.

The next time you plan on hitting that donate button to send money to the “humane advocate protectors/profiteers”, please realize they have no respect for you because they view you as being of value to them only because of the money you continue to send them and are amused at your continued gullibility at the malarkey they shovel your way.

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