Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Adoption groups need funding - Yet "humane advocate protectors" provide themselves with hefty raises???

When "humane advocate protectors" profess that they are “fighting” for the greyhounds with pleas of send us money and donate now, one would think these “humane advocate protectors” would be good stewards of the donations and their accounts, now bursting with increased funds, would actually be used for their stated mission. Unfortunately the “humane advocate protectors" apparently use those increased donation dollars for a much more important mission ~ salary increases.

The "humane advocate protectors" mission to fight for the greyhounds seemed to require a 14.1% personal salary increase last year, in addition to an approximate 9.6% salary increase for others on the protector payroll. 

Now find out how much of a salary your local greyhound adoption group volunteers received last year. Will you be shocked to learn that the donations adoption group volunteers collect really do go to help greyhounds?

One can't help but wonder if the "humane advocate protectors" have ever really been about the greyhounds or if it is nothing more than hiding the past and providing a free and constant influx of cash.

Adoption groups need funding - Yet "humane advocate protectors" provide themselves with hefty raises - that is a dog gone shame!


  1. As a former officer in an adoption group...what funding from 'humane animal protectors'. They tried to interfere with groups getting donations, especially groups who were 'not for them'. I have listened to their lies about 'how bad the conditions are and how badly neglected the dogs are that arrive into adoption', and when I called some of them on it to their faces, as I knew better, they stalked me. I had dogs walk into my house straight off the track that had their shot records with them, were sleek, ready to play, and wanted ear skritches..from total strangers.