Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Where Have All the Puppies Gone?


Where Have All the Puppies Gone?

The "humane advocate protectors" will tell you about how the racing industry kills greyhound puppies at an alarming rate, however what exact documentation have they presented to the public? Or do they know their followers will believe and never question what is put before them?

Playing the greyhound puppy card is always an easy way to get donations because who doesn't like puppies? 

"Humane advocate protectors" don't provide exact numbers or hard proof of their claims because they know a majority of the public believe and donate to without that proof, without asking questions, because that is what disciples do.

Looking at some numbers from 2010 it's not too difficult to see where the puppies are. Viewing several websites will provide an idea of the natural attrition of puppies 3 months and younger. There were estimates from as low as 17% to as high as 30% so I decided to err on the low side and used 22% as a natural attrition rate.

In 2010 there were 12,801 greyhound puppies whelped. If you take the natural attrition rate of 22% you would have 2816 pups that were either stillborn or died of natural causes before the age of 3 months which leave a total of 9,985. (To be clear, I have not done calculations on ALL dog breeds natural attrition and as it has not previously been presented to the public I think it is fair to say the "humane advocate protectors" have not researched all dog breeds natural attrition either so there is no documented evidence that greyhound puppy natural attrition is higher or lower than any other dog breed.)

We have a total of 9680 different pups that were born in 2010 that raced. These stats do not include the Pensacola track because we have not been able to locate Pensacola’s information for this blog. So the 9,680 number is actually a little higher, but we don't know by how much. (If this blog was written by a “humane advocate protector”, a bogus number would have been included).

The difference between 9,985 and 9,680 is 305.

That is 305 pups that didn't race.

Now that isn't the number of greyhound puppies that were killed between 3 months of age and racing age (which is about 18 months) - that is the number of puppies THAT DID NOT RACE. Huge difference.

So where are the puppies?

Looks like they are racing. And if they not racing probably snoozing on someone’s couch right now, as that 305 number includes dogs that schooled but failed to enter an official race but did enter an official adoption program!

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