Friday, March 6, 2015

A new adopted greyhound.

Something I’ve done time and time again, yet every time it is just as exciting.  We arrived home last Saturday a little after 9pm and turned him loose in the yard.  Introductions with the rest of the pack took another 30+ minutes then it's into the house. As expected a new boy has got to find his way around the house and makes a few attempts to claim (mark) things as his own. No worries dude however it is your new home and really no need to mark a thing! 

By the time new guy and rest of pack settled down it is fast approaching 3 a.m.  The new guy was wide awake and looking for fun and playtime. One thing greyhounds know is a schedule! If the kennels workers are up at 4:30 a.m., you know newly adopted greyhound is going to be up at 4:30 a.m. Who wants to play? Your greyhound does!!! 

You may wonder if it difficult taking a dog straight off the track and bringing him into a new home? Nope, not a problem at all! Granted this is my 27th adopted greyhound so I've seen all sorts of situations. Thank goodness for greyhound adoption groups as for the first time adopter an ex-racer coming from directly from the track into a forever home might be a bit of a handful.  Now you many have heard all sorts of rumors about a greyhound's life at the track. Like being refrigerator deprived. Indeed these dogs have NEVER seen their reflections in a shiny black finished refrigerator. When they see their reflection in it for the first time, a newly adopted greyhound will no doubt stare in wonder at the good looking dog looking back at them. It is quite sad they have been refrigerator reflection deprived as I'm sure every other dog breed on the face of the earth has been brought up looking at their refrigerator reflection since birth.

All kidding aside, racing greyhounds do receive care and attention from those who handle them from birth thru adoption day. The fact that they are not deprived is just one of the reasons the ex-racing greyhound can adapt to a loving pet so easily. 

But what I have never been able to figure out is why have every one of my adopted ex-racers jumped up onto my king size bed within an hour of arriving in my home when I have never seen a fully made king size bed in any of the racing kennels? Hummm...

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  1. Rory, didn't you realize that greyhounds send messages to each other so that they already know about king size beds, and sofas? I had more than one being transported from the track to a group walk into my house on a break on trip, and head straight for the sofa....Too bad humans don't have the same ESP or whatever they want to call it! Had one come in, head straight for the master bedroom closet and triumphantly come out with a shoe and playbow to my husband...