Tuesday, November 17, 2015

An open letter to the greyhound “suckers”

Dear supporters and defenders of a convicted child molester with lifetime sexual registration who declares their "job" as an event coordinator -

Did you know that the greyhound community has many members who themselves are victims of molestation? Did you know that many members of the greyhound community have family members and or friends who are victims of child molestation? Did you know supporting and defending a convicted child molester reflects not only on you but the group you represent and or your business? Did you realize by defending a convicted child molester you are smacking hundreds of volunteers, donors, adopters, and customers in the face?

The People of The United Methodist Church, overseers of a church site where a recent greyhound event was held, have the following statement about convicted child molesters on their website:

“Recent studies suggest a low likelihood that pedophiles can or will change. Without extensive professional treatment, virtually all child sexual offenders will re-offend. Repentance, prayer, and pastoral support, always in combination with lifelong professional treatment, can be crucial in helping to change behavior but, in themselves, offer slim hope of changing the behavior of perpetrators.”

For those of you who are defending a convicted child molester, did you know the greyhound community has several donors, adopters, volunteers and shoppers who have children? Can the supporters of a convicted child molester (and honestly, everyone knows who you are) beyond a shadow of doubt say that even if a convicted child molester is watched that they are not getting aroused when seeing the child or children of one of our donors, adopters, volunteers and shoppers?

Do you support a convicted child molester because they have asked you to “suck” it by giving you money or offering free perks at events or even sending you presents?  Who cannot find crimes against a child disgusting? Who would knowingly be socialize with a individual who  entered the room where a victim was sleeping, pulled her legs apart and rubbed their penis on the victim’s vaginal area. They then turned the victim over and did the same thing on the victim’s anal area and also inserted fingers in the victim’s vagina. A medical exam revealed a vaginal tear. The victim also indicated that the convicted child molester put “treats” on their penis and told the victim to suck it. Who would knowingly socialize with or welcome with open arms a convicted child molester at a family friendly greyhound event who did this to young girl(s) and very possibly still getting aroused when around young girls?

A convicted child molester has now ingratiated themselves in the greyhound community and wants you to “suck” it by defending him and saying no big deal or blaming others for this mess.

By your continued backing, embracing, idolization and happily taking the perks offered you are condoning and empowering a convicted molester with lifetime sexual registration. Are you proud of being viewed as a sucker?

The greyhound community as a whole needs to do the right thing and deny a convicted child molester the ability to have greyhound volunteers to “suck” it but more importantly the greyhound community needs to deny a convicted child molester the ability and opportunity to get aroused by the children in our community or in the host communities of greyhound events.

Contrary to what the supporters of a convicted child molester are spreading I’m not the one who started this. I am the one who a concerned and frightened individual came to and expressed outrage about a convicted child molester because they had done something that made this individual feel creepy and now scared. I promised this person I would assist in helping those wise enough to realize the harm a convicted child molester has done to children and the damage that will be done to the greyhound community if a convicted child molester is allowed to participate and have free reign at family friendly greyhound events so trying to paint me as a liar and gossip will not change my mind. 

What the greyhound community allows will continue. Your silence is your acceptance of a convicted child molester with lifetime sexual registration. It is up to you to ensure that he is not welcomed running or participating at any greyhound event or volunteering with any greyhound adoption program. 

That should be our promise to the victims and parents and children of the greyhound community.

Will you step up or just continue to be a “sucker”?

FYI - I've not forgotten about the "humane advocate protectors" and one should note they've been very silent on this issue - could it be they are also "sucker" - stay tuned.

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