Friday, September 25, 2015

Not often do I preach but when I do, I have a message.

Today’s message is about forgiveness. 

When God grants forgiveness to a person seeking redemption, that individual must first repent and then change their heart. A person may continually point out the good they have done, seeking to sway others of their "goodness" yet if a heart is still as dark as it was the day two little innocent children were molested, God has not forgiven.

When the facts are documented truth via court records as to the actions of an individual and those facts are flippantly dismissed as gossip and innuendo by the individual, is that not an indication that the individual is untroubled by their crimes?

Acts of charity should be from the heart and done so without expecting anything in return. Charity done to convince others that a heart is not dark and a litany of charity is put before the public by the individual to garner praise and acceptance is not charity done by a repentant heart.

It seems the “God card" has been played too often over the years by many trying to hide the truth, performing charity to convince the public of goodness yet knowing full well the work done was accomplished by the financial donations of others.

Just for the record, a particular convicted child molester not only molested one girl 6 times, he molested another little girl while out on bond. The charges? First-degree sexual assault where the molestation took place includes sexual contact or intercourse without consent by threat or use of a dangerous weapon or what the victim reasonably believes is a dangerous weapon: and sexual contact or intercourse aided or abetted by one or more persons using threat of force or violence.

Before you take it upon yourself to bless an individual or if you think God posts a list of those he has forgiven on a chat board that we can all reference back to, perhaps you should be wondering what physical and psychological damage the 5 and 7 year old children have had to survive due to someone you perceive to be so amazing, so wonderful, so unselfish.

I only have one question - Exactly what makes convicted child molester acceptable to you?

***Note of importance – Not a single person that I know of  has advocated the ending of, ripping apart of any event – what is advocated is the removal of a person who is convicted of first degree sexual assault on two young girls. No person of this caliber should be in a position of group or event leadership – positions that unknowing families with children may look up to and trust because of the position!***

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  1. I don't have to forgive since I'm not bound by Christian doctrine. Karma will take care of it.