Sunday, January 18, 2015

Greyhound Pet of the Year................Part I

Sorry, no indication as to which greyhound will be named United Greyhound Racing's "Greyhound Pet of the Year" in their photo contest as that will be announced tomorrow. Right now just some interesting information about greyhounds.

All weekend I spent a great deal of time reviewing each photo and write-up submitted for Greyhound Pet of the Year. It is clear that each greyhound is dearly loved and I would like to thank each and every person who chose to adopt a greyhound because without you there would be no forever homes for ex-racing greyhounds. Each family is unique and placing the right greyhound into the right home takes an army of volunteers so I also want to thank the thousands of unpaid, dedicated volunteers who have dedicated their lives to greyhound adoption and will drop everything to help a greyhound in need.

We all know Greyhounds Make Great Pets...and if you don't know, yes they truly do! As someone who has spent a great deal of time learning as much as possible about the racing greyhound i
t is my opinion that ex-racing greyhounds are one of the best dog breeds a family could ever adopt. 


Because goodness breeds goodness, kindness breeds kindness just as hate breeds hate and greyhounds are surrounded with goodness and kindness. Each person from the breeder to the farm hands to the trainers, adoption volunteers and yes even the track personnel, has helped shape the racing greyhound to become a wonderful adoptable pet. It is my opinion that ex-racing greyhounds are one of the best dog breeds a family could ever adopt. 

Before tomorrow's announcement of the winner in UGR's Greyhound Pet of the Year photo contest, let us take a few moments to thank those who played a part in our dog’s lives before they arrived in our homes. For me personally, two ladies have played a part in just about every greyhound that I have adopted over the years. Genny and Donna, thank you for what you have allowed me to be a part of, thank you for taking the greatest care of the racing greyhounds you oversee and making them what they are – great athletes and then great pets.

Never forget that in order to keep the greyhound GREAT, we need to expose the “humane advocate protectors” who focus on generating hate. We need to remove them from having any part in the lives of our pets in order to keep racing and ex-racing greyhounds GREAT. We  do not need the greyhounds becoming a breed of hate, a breed of misinformation or worse yet a breed of pity and that is exactly what will happen if the “humane advocate protectors” dictate the care of the racing greyhound.

It has been a pleasure reading about each greyhound that was submitted and it has 
ruly been a pleasure knowing many great people have played a part in the lives of each greyhound.

Making the choice has not been easy as each greyhound submitted is a winner

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