Monday, December 31, 2012

Undo the Brain-dead - Make 2013 count!

One of Britain’s leading inventors has warned that the  "Google Generation" ~ those rely on the internet for everything ~  are in danger of becoming brain-dead.

I have noticed that it appears there is a generation in the greyhound welfare movement that has become brain-dead because they lack the guts or the will power to venture away from the safety net of the net. Sadly some even admitted that all they have learned and all they need to know they learned and read on the internet. 

PLEASE get out and educate yourself. Step away from the internet. Turn off that YouTube video produced to guilt you into clicking that donation button. Get out and see the world through your own eyes and your own experiences rather than through the lies and deception of others on the internet who want to control how you think.

In 2013 resolve to make a difference by learning the facts before clicking that donation button. 

Verify the organization you are about to financially support actually uses your hard earned money for the cause they claim to help before allowing that twisted information, sad song laced video to short-circuit your common sense. 

Make 2013 the year contributions count!

1 comment:

  1. Awesome. Too many people fall for shock-and-pity ads for "animal welfare" organizations that do little or nothing directly for any actual animals. Research their mission statement. It may surprise you. Look up their tax records to see where your money goes. It may sicken you.

    Better to spend your money locally -- for groups that are in the trenches vetting, grooming, transporting, fostering, and training animals up for adoption. Better yet, get out there in the trenches yourself and volunteer!