Wednesday, December 26, 2012

When it matters - they remain silent?

Care In a recent article about the Affordable Care Act it was noted that Veterinarian costs will increase for those of us with pets as vets are using many technologies that are also found in human heath care. While this is a hot button item, I am only bringing it up because I have one question:

Where were these self-labeled “Humane/Protectors/Lobbyist/Speak for the dogs” organizations during the Affordable Care Act debate? 

If they are truly in it for the dogs, they would have jumped in to offer sound advice on the bill on behalf of those of us involved in animal welfare but from what I can see they remained silent. One would guess that participating in something to inform pet owners of  impacts of a real item of debate would have not brought in enough donations nor offered trips to far off destinations.

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  1. Their silence speaks volumes. These "Animal Rights" activists care about two things: 1) Publicity. 2) Money. Lobbying for something that actually helps animals is rarely on the menu. They don't actually go into the trenches to do anything with or for actual animals -- they are too busy sitting on their self-righteous butts, pulling on the heart- ... whoops, I mean wallet-strings of America with pitiful pictures of real or imagined animal abuse. Leave the nice warm (and profitable) pity party to actually DO something? Um... nah. Not worth their while.