Monday, December 10, 2012


Have you noticed that some organizations have to shout from the rooftops about being “Humane”? As actions speak louder than words, why don't these organizations  just let their actions do the speaking? 

Perhaps it is because their actions say less about “humane” and more about individuals who work to intimidate the public and put a humanistic perception on animals to overcompensate for their dislike of their fellow man as a free thinking individual.

If you can’t respect mankind – you can’t respect the animal kingdom.
Humanizing the animals does not make you Humane!

Greyhound tracks have employees. A “humane” member of a "humane" organization has taken numerous opportunities to ridicule these working individuals. This “humane” individual has never taken the time to get to know the people working the track, many of whom are working the job to supplement income while for others it is their only source of income to support their family.

Is it "humane" to do everything in your power to make sure a human is put out on the street with no income, food or shelter?

The real humane movement is those of us who can equally care for our fellow man and respect the animal kingdom for what it is and morally and legally do what we can to make life better for both.

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