Thursday, December 6, 2012

Respect the Dogs

A few days ago as I was sitting in the office yard enjoying the Arizona "winter" weather, one of  my greyhounds came by and immediately grabbed a bit of dog poop and woofed it down. I instantly recalled all the debates regarding 4-D meat over the years and wondered if what Olga just ate was fit for human consumption? 

Of course not! Yet some individuals, who are more than eager to attempt to destroy the livelihoods of law abiding citizens with smear campaigns, claim 4-D meat is not fit for human consumption and should not be fed to dogs.

Hummm...screeching breaks here! 

If the argument is that 4-D meat is not fit for human consumption and should not be given to dogs – just one question – should any attention be given to individuals or organizations that are unable to distinguish between a human and canine?

Now while I have not personally witnessed any dog poop piles marked "Not Fit For Human Consumption", I’m pretty sure it is safe to say it is unfit for human consumption. If anyone out there would like to chow down on a bit of Poop and prove me wrong, go right ahead. In the same vein, many medications that are formulated for our pets are clearly marked for animal (or specifically dog, cat, etc.) use only. Animal medication is not fit for human consumption. 

Canines, no matter what breed they are, can and do consume things that are not fit for human consumption. It is their nature. I love my dogs with every fiber of my being, but my dogs are not human.

Perhaps individuals and organizations that do not understand the nature of a canine should not be given the label of "protectors" if they do not realize that a dog must be respected for the species that it is and not be turned into something that it is not.


  1. Since dogs are not humans and 4D meat is not for human consumption that means it is for them,the dogs.

    Only the masters of confusion could twist this and have their follows believe them. DOGS ARE NOT HUMAN.

    Dick Ciampa

  2. We must consider the source. Remember that people who insist that their pets eat only food suitable for humans often have morbidly obese animals who live on a diet of table scraps, excessive treats, and pet food that is grain-based, high-fat, high-sodium, artificially flavored and colored -- basically mass marketed to appeal to humans rather than serve as good nutrition for animals.

    Remember that these are the people who will proclaim, in their loudest "I rescue, therefore I'm noble" voice, that they are doing their retired Greyhounds a favor by making sure that their "poor abused dogs will NEVER be FORCED to RUN again, EVER."

    For those who insist their animals' needs and wants are the same as their own, I suggest they remove those holier-than-thou chips from their shoulders, locate a dictionary, and look up the words "dog" and "person." They are not synonyms. Never will be.

    Dogs are wonderful companions who can teach a great deal about life and ourselves -- but we must let them be dogs.

  3. Obviously most of them don't have cats or they would see their dogs eating cat poopsicles. Sheba's favorite 'snack' was dried cow patty; trouble was she would bring some to share with me..