Thursday, December 27, 2012

Let us give and share - then reclaim what is ours!

Four years ago I spent Thanksgiving flying to Chicago to finalize some business matters with my attorney. Once our meeting was finished I decided to have a rather un-traditional holiday meal at the Cracker Barrel that was across the street from my hotel. It had been a long trip and I was missing my wife and my greyhounds (in addition to our family Thanksgiving feast) and I venture to guess I looked a bit forlorn while eating my dinner. When it came time to pay my check the waiter informed me that a family who had been at the table next to mine felt sorry that I was by myself and paid for my meal.
As we look to the dawn of 2013, may I ask you for 2 simple favors?

First ~ do something kind  for a stranger.

Then after you have helped your fellow man, let us come together and take back the discussions and debates regarding the welfare of greyhounds and get the facts to the forefront. Time is running short for those of us who are true champions of the greyhounds to reclaim the word "humane" from those who work to destroy this pure and noble breed.

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