Monday, January 7, 2013

Traveling With Pets - Tip #001

I've been known to travel a tad and when I am away from home, I enjoy staying in hotels that allow pets, I can get my "dog fix" when I'm away from my greyhounds but I like seeing happy dogs with happy owners as they enjoy a trip together.

HOWEVER...during a recent jaunt, after enduring ridiculously long security check in lines and several extremely loud and inebriated passengers on my flight, I was looking forward to a restful night once I checked into my hotel room. 

Ahhhh....fluffy pillows and a good night slee....

(alarm clock said 10:30pm) 
(alarm clock said 11:00pm) 
(alarm clock said 11:17pm) 

The barking and clawing at the bottom of the dog crate continued until well after midnight, when the owners returned to the room.

Some advice from a dog-loving fellow traveler ~ if you care and love your pets please, please remember that a hotel room in not a familiar place for your pet, no matter how often you travel together. When you leave your pet in a hotel room alone, even if you feel a crate is a safer option than allowing free rein in the room, your pet is going to experience a level of stress.

If you travel with a pet, give consideration and remember that while your pet may comprehend what is happening, a vacation may not seem nor feel like a vacation to them. While they are fine while you are away for 8 hours + for work or while you are out to dinner with friends at home, remember for a pet, a hotel room is NOT home, especially when you are not there. 

A content pet in a hotel room makes the hotel relaxing for all the guests and continues to allow hotels to offer 'pet-friendly" accommodations.

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