Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Seek and Not Hide!

In a recent on line discussion with a friend & fellow greyhound adopter, I was intrigued to read to how her views and opinions changed over time regarding greyhound racing. She, like myself and many others, found ourselves adopting from groups whose stance was strongly anti racing. Some shared the group sentiment while others (myself included) merely wanted to give a forever home to a Greyhound and went to the adoption group that was closest to them. During my early day as an adoption volunteer I blindly blurted out chapter and verse of the adoption group's doctrine of greyhound racing hatred during meet & greets. So many did, so many still do. 

I vividly recall the day when I asked my adoption group "the" question regarding the number of racing greyhounds put down every year that I was instructed to tell........................

"How do we know these numbers are correct?"

The reply was what sent me on my quest to seek the truth.
Their answer? " Because this organization says so."
I then asked...

"And how do we know they are telling the truth and not massaging numbers to garner support for their cause?"

I wish I had a camera to capture the blank look of hate that I received in response to my second question. 

I’m a consultant and clients often ask me on site to give an opinion. While I could do this via remote access, I learned that in the greyhound world and consulting world, onsite experience AND onsite education is not only beneficial for my recommendations, but allows the client gets the best overall assessment.

Give the greyhounds the best you can. Go forth on a quest, A quest to seek out and learn the truth. Discover for yourself  if these so called advocates blasting the internet demanding you follow THEIR course are in a money game, a money game to bring in cash that ultimately pays their salaries, provide benefits, rental cars, vacations. Discover for yourself if they want to expose truth or simply want the contents of your wallet. Please do not follow me blindly either – begin your personal quest for the truth and seek to learn in person. Ask questions. Seek and you shall find. Then and only then, when those speaking and seeking the truth stand up with total knowledge will the greyhounds have true advocates speaking for them.


  1. The truth shall make you free! Thanks for posting. Wish all adopters would take the time to read posts like yours, and form an educated opinion, instead of rhetoric from money grabbers.