Monday, July 14, 2014

Silly You Two..............

Link to Silly You:

You just know I could not let this one slip by. 

Some “humane advocate protectors” think they are cute and oh-so-smart with their social media ramblings but most of what is floating around is purely made up silliness for the entire world to see.

I know many of you like myself just laugh when someone writes that they have (allegedly) been behind the scenes at tracks/farms/kennels and have seen in person how "terrible "the greyhounds are treated yet they fail to inform the world what they did about what they saw or what authorities they reported it to. If they saw a robbery taking place would they use their phone to post about it as their Facebook status rather than call the police?

A few years ago I visited a farm that was in horrible shape and the dogs covered in fleas and ticks. I and the others on site did not go out and complain on social media or to our friends about how we had witnessed something horrible. We did what was right and reported it to the appropriate state regulators. The state shut down the farm and the dogs went into adoption. Something that wrong was taken care of properly, quickly and correctly

So next time one of these blinded followers of an organization that was co-founded by an individual involved in unregulated dog racing and supports a group whose principal brokers the selling of U.S. Greyhounds overseas for racing and breeding, why don't you ask them “If you really saw something horrible what regulatory authority did you report it to? I’m guessing you will see a “humane advocate protector” supporter go silent as they did not report or document what they saw. 

The next time you see silly statements, ask the next question. Ask for the rest of the story. Ask for what the “humane advocate protector” did to help a greyhound they evaluated to be in dire straits. You may discover that to them it is really not all about the dogs but all about stirring the pot.

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