Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dancing with Fools.........

I’ve always said that it's ok if you choose to be anti-racing but if you are truly anti-racing then you should be revolting against the “humane advocate protectors” who have raised millions of dollars yet direct very little of the cash to be used with helping a single greyhound. Instead the donations are directed to funding salaries, benefits, trips and excursions that always seem to include photos of personal hobbies as part of the deal of the “humane advocate protector” profiteers. After all the moto of the “humane advocate protectors” is covet the fool’s money.

Many have already taken a stand against this behavior in other organizations.

It’s now time for the anti-greyhound-racing movement to show some moxie and do the same. Take a stand against the "humane advocate protector” profiteer organizations that are benefiting individuals and not the dogs. Stand up against “humane advocate protector” organizations that claim to be against greyhound racing, that were co-founded by an individual involved in unregulated dog racing that supports a group whose principal brokers the selling and transfers of U.S. Greyhounds overseas for racing and breeding.

Show the world you are really “anti-greyhound-racing” and do something if you truly care about greyhounds. Otherwise you are nothing but fools dancing with "humane advocate protectors" who are using you for nothing more than personal profit.

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