Thursday, July 17, 2014

Boot Camp

In 1982 I joined the U.S. Navy and like all newbies I had to endure boot camp. My first shock was having my long curly hair shaved off with a few quick swoops of the clippers. Then the real work begins. Boot camp is a time where the company commanders take a bunch of individuals, ripped them raw and then once ready, the individuals are made more confident and stronger as they are built back up as a team. 

The most important single thing to know about boot camp is that it is 100% designed to remold civilians into team members. It places within them a sense that they are expected to do important things, far more important things than could be expected from other 18-year-olds and that they can accomplish important things working together - giving it their all, knowing they can count on each other.

Many good individuals are working to save the animals from groups and "charities" designated as domestic terrorists who masquerade as animal rights/animal protection organizations. Following are some agencies you should consider teaming up because in order to truly insure the care and safety of the animals and pets we care about, we need to tear down our individualism and build ourselves up as a team:

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