Tuesday, January 21, 2014

No "labels" for those who speak truthfully

Last night I was thinking that 2014 should be the year the labels we in the greyhound world have bestowed on each other be removed.
Years ago wonderful folks started an adoption effort and wanted to just focus on the greyhounds, not politics. They felt it would be best to be beige. Shortly thereafter those who chose to force adoption to be about politics bastardized the beige term and decried that “silence is acceptance”.

I realize there are individuals who are not for greyhound racing but those same individuals do not support the “humane advocate protectors” who lie, cheat and smear to wipe greyhound racing and the people who are involved in it off the face of the earth. Just because someone is not interested in a sport or do not participate in a sport, does not mean they should be labeled "anti". And those who enjoy beige need to be aware that while in their hearts the adoption of ex-racing greyhounds is what's most important to them, the company they keep and the organizations they support can cast doubt as to their degree of beige.

In 2014, let us remove the labels and get to what matters - truth.

If the truth is not spoken then what other choice can it be than a lie?

It is OK for all to have personal opinions, but don’t present personal opinion as fact. 

Who is willing to join and remove the weight of labels?

Who cares enough to speak truthfully about greyhounds and shun those who have manipulated the truth and the greyhounds for their personal gain?

Who agrees there is no room for lies and liars in greyhound advocacy/wefare/racing/adoption?

The greyhounds will be the biggest winners if we ignore and no longer accept, associate with and support organizations and individuals unable to speak truthfully from the welfare, advocacy, adoption and racing communities. 

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