Thursday, January 16, 2014


Anyone who has purchased bottled water at the airport knows it is overpriced. Tired of paying inflated prices inflicted on a captive consumer, I got myself a Bubi collapsible water bottle. I had no idea that this nifty gizmo existed! Now I take my collapsed Bubi into the airport club (or to the gym), fill it with fresh filtered water and off I go. No more price gouging. No more money tossed away on overpriced bottles of water sold by the service providers at the airport. I am happy to be an informed consumer.

Think about it – the greyhound world has been gouged for years by “humane advocate protectors” who are out to get every penny they can out of the unknowing public. They claim to have been the only reason for "X", but after years of pocketing thousands upon thousands of dollars they have nothing to show for it, aside from all the salaries and other personal perks that your donation dollars can provide.

Stop getting gouged. 

Start being an "informed consumer".

Send donation dollars to programs that speak truthfully and actually accomplish what they say they will do.

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