Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Just the Stats…………..

Prior to each flight  I use an app to check my flights and I've noticed that my flights list both direct mileage and planned flight mileage but my frequent flyer account only gets credit for the direct mileage and not actual mileage. The planned flight mileage is always greater than the direct. While my account says I flew 110,000 miles last year, in reality it was much more than that.

In the greyhound world, many are noticing that the “humane advocate protectors” like to publish reports (do keep in mind that reports they generate are custom tailored by them to reflect only what they want) which often times do not include all the actuals. Why would they hide the actual, be it numbers, facts or true story? Has an uninterested/uninvolved/unconnected third party with no agenda ever been allowed to review these reports and all data they have collected?

If claiming to provide the public with the "truth" on a subject and at same time attaching a "donate" button, one would think “humane advocate protectors” would publish all the data they claim to have and itemize the amount of donated money they spend so that the public can be fully informed.

Misleading the public with manipulated reports or one-sided presentation of facts is in essence lying to the public.

In 2014 ignore the “humane advocate protector” magician – demand the truth!

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